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01.Blitzkrieg Commander IV

Blitzkrieg Commander IV
by Pendraken Miniatures

Blitzkrieg Commander is an exciting wargame that allows you to recreate battles of the Second World War using miniatures on a tabletop. - Suitable for any scale miniatures, from 2mm right up to 28mm. - Simple command system that emphasises the fog of war. - Effective mechanism for casualty resolution. - Flexible figure ratio meaning one base represents a platoon. - Minimal setup...   [click here for more]
02.Lairs, Dens and Burrows

Lairs, Dens and Burrows
by Ganesha Games

LAIRS, DENS AND BURROWS ($3.99, 36 page PDF) Sometimes, you do not have the time to play a full dungeon, or maybe you just want something different between two long missions. Lairs, Dens and Burrows is a collection of short encounters that are just perfect for that. The nine super-short adventures presented here, for parties of any experience level, include: On Our Way...   [click here for more]
03.Arctic Fleets

Arctic Fleets
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

Arctic Fleets provides the ships, aircraft, weapons and sensor data for the navies and air forces of Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and the Soviet Union (We know the Netherlands isn’t in the Arctic, but we had to put it somewhere) to use with Command at Sea 4th edition. Earlier listings of Russian and Dutch ships and aircraft have been updated with information from many new reference...   [click here for more]
04.Hammer of Democracy

Hammer of Democracy
by Nordic Weasel Games

So after much pain, sweat and toil, Hammer of Democracy is available. If you aren’t familiar with our Hammer series of games, it’s a relatively rules-light game for low-level ww2 action, aiming to play very quickly and with minimal rules look-up. A typical game ranges from a reinforced platoon up to a company or more and plays in a very small span of time, combining pretty...   [click here for more]
05.The Heart of the Lizard

The Heart of the Lizard
by Ganesha Games

Heart of the Lizard is a NOVELLA with A GAMING APPENDIX set in the world of Four against Darkness. Follow Haq, Kil, Gress and Varda in the abandoned remains of the ancient Temple of Zur, the god of death, on the trail of a fabled, mystical treasure. “What sort of treasure are we talking about?” Gress asked, cautiously. “An emerald the size of a fist—”...   [click here for more]
06.Naval SITREP #56 (April 2019)

Naval SITREP #56 (April 2019)
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

The Naval SITREP is published twice a year by the Admiralty Trilogy Group. It supports the Admiralty Trilogy game system with scenarios, articles on history and technology, and rules expansions & corrections. The Naval SITREP Issue #56 was published in April of 2019. Table of contents: Features: Naval Combat Systems in Harpoon   Russian...   [click here for more]
07.Bulldogs Away 2nd Edition

Bulldogs Away 2nd Edition
by A and A Games

FAST ATTACK CRAFT RULES FOR THE PERIOD FROM 1950 New Listing 19th May 2019 · Current Edition 2.0 (PDF); 2.0 (Print on Demand) · Recommended scale 1/600 or 1/700 · Complexity: 6/10 · Level of detail: 5/10 · Dice required: D6, D10, d20 A SET OF QUICK REFERENCE SHEETS IS AVAILABLE THROUGH THE PUBLISHER'S...   [click here for more]
08.Rendezvous with Destiny - Battle of Carentan

Rendezvous with Destiny - Battle of Carentan
by William Thorpe

Recreate the epic struggle between American and German paratroop forces for the town of Carentan during the Invasion of Normandy. This campaign is designed to be used with Too Fat Lardies' Chain of Command, however it can be readily adapted to your preferred WWII miniature ruleset. Contained in this book you will find: - Complete campaign setup, duration, and special rules to add variation...   [click here for more]
09.Modern Chinese Maritime Forces

Modern Chinese Maritime Forces
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

Modern Chinese Maritime Forces, by Manfred Meyer, a noted artist and illustrator, provides up-to-the minute information on Chinese sea power. It lists all Chinese state vessels – not just the People’s Liberation Army Navy, but the Coast Guard, China Maritime Surveillance, China Fisheries law Enforcement Command, and many other state-sponsored agencies that carry out...   [click here for more]
10.Fistful of Lead: Core Rulebook

Fistful of Lead: Core Rulebook
by Jaye Wiley

The long awaited Core Rule Book from Wiley Games, makers of Fistful of Lead, is finally here. The long-time favorite Fistful of Lead started as a Wild West game with card-driven mechanics that created Hollywood action. Now Wiley Games presents the Core Rule Book. The Core Rule Book can be used with multiple periods and genres, while still giving you the unique card driven mechanics...   [click here for more]
11.The Blighted Lands

The Blighted Lands
by Nordic Weasel Games

Endless sands, fierce nomad tribes and wildlife that will eat your face off. Why did we come here again? * * * * * In this expansion pack for Five Leagues from the Borderlands, you can visit a new region: The Blighted Lands. Offering new encounter tables with new enemies to fight, this is meant to slot into the existing rulebook campaign as easily as possible to...   [click here for more]
12.Armageddon War

Armageddon War
by Flying Pig Games

Following disease, famine, and economic collapse among the world's first-line powers, conventional war erupts in the Mid-East for what arable land remains. Old allies join the carnage, and the war grows, pitting age-old adversaries and their new friends against each other. Armageddon War depicts the chaos in the midst of this war. Armageddon War is a platoon level game set in the near future. The...   [click here for more]
13.Yaah! Magazine and Complete Wargame #12

Yaah! Magazine and Complete Wargame #12
by Flying Pig Games

We want you to read and game what we feel is one damn fine board gaming magazine. So, we offer a discount on Yaah! #12. Why? Because we hope that you will buy this magazine and continue to buy future issues. Read below to see what you get. This issue's complete game is "Macarthur's Defeat", designer Arrigo Velicogna's take on the 1941 Japanese invasion of the island of Luzon. It features a full...   [click here for more]
14.Ancient and Medieval Wargame Counters

Ancient and Medieval Wargame Counters
by Geoff Curran

Wargame counters based on the standard frontage of 40mm. showing generic mannaquin figures for 46 different unit types to cover the period 3000 BC to 1200 AD. In addition the set includes counters for camps and villages, and terrain sheets which can be mounted and cut to the sizes required by the player's rules for woods, rough, fields, hills Etc. Counters will never replace the look of actual...   [click here for more]
15.Ultracombat Normandy

Ultracombat Normandy
by Radio Dishdash Publishing

ULTRACOMBAT: NORMANDY PDF is an easy, fast-paced set of squad-level skirmish wargames rules for depicting the frenetic close-ranged combat that occurred during the Normandy Campaign of World War II. The system puts players in command of up to a platoon of battle-hardened infantry supported with tanks, AT guns, and devastating heavy weapons. KEY FEATURES Forces are built in elements, so players...   [click here for more]
16.Rangers of Shadow Deep: A Tabletop Adventure Game

Rangers of Shadow Deep: A Tabletop Adventure Game
by Joseph A. McCullough

A kingdom stands on the brink of destruction, as the vast realm called the Shadow Deep slowly swallows everything in its path. As the army fights to contain the tide of evil creatures teeming up out of the black clouds, the kingdom’s best soldiers, the rangers, must venture down into the shadows to gather information, rescue prisoners, and ambush enemy supply lines. It is a desperate fight against...   [click here for more]
17.Platoon Commander Deluxe: The Battle of Kursk!

Platoon Commander Deluxe: The Battle of Kursk!
by Flying Pig Games

"The rules. Are there any? Barely. Any experienced gamer will whip thru them in about 15 minutes and be thinking, "Am I really ready to go?" You are." -Ron Motley BGG "Well, I would say that this game not only hit my table immediately, it has stayed there and will continue to stay there. It is VERY fun to play face to face." -"Action" Jackson Riker. Kursk. Many historians believe it was...   [click here for more]
18.A Gentleman's War

A Gentleman's War
by Pulp Action Library

A Gentleman’s War is a simple game involving toy soldiers of the classic style. It is a relaxed and relaxing game, where enough depends on the turn of a card and the roll of a handful of dice to say that our disasters are pure chance, but enough cunning decision-making to claim our victories as acts of brilliant generalship. Our model soldiers are very brave, obedient, and...   [click here for more]
19.A Fistful of TOWs 3

A Fistful of TOWs 3
by A Fistful of Games

Like tanks? Enjoy fighting mechanized battles in miniature? How about a game that's fun, fast playing, easy to learn, and still gives historical results? A Fistful of TOWs 3 is all that, and more. Oh, and did we mention the largest set of vehicle and gun data ever published in an individual rule set? Or the largest set of army lists ever printed in a single volume? A Fistful of...   [click here for more]
20.Blood & Plunder

Blood & Plunder
by Firelock Games

Blood & Plunder Rulebook features an innovative initiative system with simple and intuitive rules. This fast paced, highly tactical ruleset set in the 17th Century Caribbean during the age of piracy, can be played on your average kitchen table in about 2 hours and is sure to appeal to both casual and competitive players. This book includes all the rules necessary to play out battles on...   [click here for more]
21.Frontline The Miniature Game - Pacific & South East Asia Core Rulebook

Frontline The Miniature Game - Pacific & South East Asia Core Rulebook
by Red Octopus Entertainment

Why a Gamesystem for Battles in the Pacific and South East Asia? There are many other miniature games on the market, but mostly the Pacific is only a side notice. The battles in the Pacific and South East Asia played an important role in the war and for a tabletop gamer it has a lot of potential for modelling, collecting and gaming as well. That‘s why we decided to lay the focus on it, because...   [click here for more]
22.Fireteam:Modern - Modern Miniature Wargame Rules

Fireteam:Modern - Modern Miniature Wargame Rules
by Rory Crabb

Fireteam Modernis a set of small unit skirmish wargame rules for modern combined arms land combat using 15-28mm scale miniatures. The rules can be used to fight battles from any post WW2 conflict dating from the 1950s to the modern day or the near future. These rules have been designed to work with opposing forces of approximately platoon size with additional reinforcements such as small numbers...   [click here for more]
23.Altar of Freedom

Altar of Freedom
by Greg Wagman

Altar of Freedom is a "big battle" game, where you step into the boots of an American Civil War corps or army general, commanding your army at the grand tactical level. The rules are designed to play the largest battles of the war, like Antietam or Chickamauga, in a single evening with multiple players. The smallest tactical unit is a brigade, and your task will be coordinating...   [click here for more]
24.The Battle of Kursk!: Tracks in the Mud

The Battle of Kursk!: Tracks in the Mud
by Flying Pig Games

[Tracks in the Mud is an expansion for Platoon Commander Deluxe: The Battle of Kursk! Base game required to play.] The expansion includes a new sheet of counters, including Jagdtigers, King Tigers, Jagdpanthers, T-34/85, and IS-3, to name but a few. There is also a new, 22" x 17" map, and several new scenarios. Better still, two of the included late-war scenarios pit the Americans against the...   [click here for more]
25.Armageddon War: Burning Lands

Armageddon War: Burning Lands
by Flying Pig Games

Burning Lands is a complete expansion for Armageddon War. It features a full-sized (22" x 33") map that loosely replicates the north-western corner of Jordan (just south of the Golan heights), a full sheet of counters that features the Hezbollah and Jordanian military, and a full color rules and scenario book with six scenarios. This map is MUCH different from the two maps that ship with the base...   [click here for more]
26.The Woods: Second Edition Core Rulebook

The Woods: Second Edition Core Rulebook
by Oakbound Studio

It is a thousand cycles since the fair ones left us. The woods grow thick and green across Talamhlar. The woods stood there long before the coming of the fae, they will stand there still after the tuatha are long gone. That time may not be long coming, for others have remained behind. Strange creatures lurk in the darkness, brought to the mortal plane to serve,...   [click here for more]
27.Tango Down

Tango Down
by Tiny Battle Publishing

Tango Down is a tense game of modern house-clearing operations, with scenarios taken from both the headlines and the movies. Hostage rescue, daring escapes, desperate last stands, ticking time bombs and more! Each player controls one or more fire teams, with each member having a counter and specific stats, augmented by Action cards that cover the fog of war, special tactics and event timing. Also...   [click here for more]
28.Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror

Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror
by Jaye Wiley

Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror is a supplement for Fistful of Lead. This is not a stand alone game. You will need a copy of Fistful of Lead Core rules or Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes to play. As with previous Fistful of Lead rules each player only needs 5 or 6 miniatures to start gaming. You can play 1 on 1 games or larger skirmishes with up to 6...   [click here for more]
29.Beer and Pretzels Ironclads

Beer and Pretzels Ironclads

Back by popular demand, this simple set of rules recreates battles between ironclad, tin-clad, and timber clad boats along rivers during the American Civil War. They were originally written to show non-historical gamers that historically-based games can be just as fun as other forms of the hobby. They were so successful with local clubs that we decided to publish them. They have been out of print...   [click here for more]
30.Brave Little Belgium

Brave Little Belgium
by Hollandspiele

Game design: Ryan Heilman & Dave Shaw Map artist: Ania B. Ziolkowska Hex number: 39 Duration: 90 minutes Players: 2 Solitaire Suitability: High Theme: World War I In the wake of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, a complex web of interlocking treaties led to...   [click here for more]
31.Woodland Wars

Woodland Wars
by Massimo Torriani

WOODLAND WARS is a skirmish-level wargame for two or more players set mainly in the forests of North America in the last decades of the 18th Century, aiming to cover the period ranging from the Franco-Indian Wars to the War of Independence. The game is based on the SURVIVAL HEROES system, the new engine designed by Massimo Torriani already used in Arkeo Obskura. ...   [click here for more]
32.Age of Hannibal

Age of Hannibal
by Greg Wagman

Age of Hannibal resolves the largest battles of antiquity in a single evening on limited table space and flexible basing. Unlike many other rule systems available for the period, Age of Hannibal acknowledges the critical nature of pre-battle strategy in ancient warfare, when commanders sought the best possible ground for their armies. An innovative terrain card system allows players...   [click here for more]
33.TRIUMPH! v1.0

by Washington Grand Company

TRIUMPH! is a fast play set of rules for miniature wargaming. Covering the ancient and medieval periods, TRIUMPH! allows you to recreate the armies of Ramesses and Muwatalli, Caesar and Pompey, Saladin and Richard the Lionheart. Meshwesh is the online database of army lists for TRIUMPH! You can access Meshwesh through the Washington Grand Company web site. TRIUMPH! is now officially released!...   [click here for more]
34.Renegade Scout - Bleeding Edge Retro Gaming

Renegade Scout - Bleeding Edge Retro Gaming
by Nordic Weasel Games

Welcome to Renegade Scout. What is Renegade Scout? Other than 179 pages jammed full of gaming goodness? *Renegade Scout is very old: It is a “retro-clone” of the venerable Rogue Trader game rules many of us grew up on, offering mechanics that are familiar and well-loved to fight fantastical battles between brave heroes, terrible monsters...   [click here for more]
35.Command at Sea, 4th edition, 2nd printing

Command at Sea, 4th edition, 2nd printing
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

Command at Sea (CaS) is an award-winning World War II tactical naval rules set. It can simulate almost every naval operation of World War II with accurate and consistent results. Victory depends as much on the tactics and planning of the players as on the ships and equipment under their command. CaS emphasizes technical and historical accuracy using a...   [click here for more]
36.Of Armies and Hordes

Of Armies and Hordes
by Ganesha Games

Of Armies and Hordes is an army levelwargame using area movement and abstract maneuvering to simplify play while retaining all the tactical choices and variables required by the genre. NOTE that area movement is NOT OPTIONAL: you cannot play these rules with inch measuring or measuring sticks. You NEED 30-48 areas (of any shape, the author suggest irregular) marked on...   [click here for more]
37.Old School Tactical Vol II Expansion: Airborne

Old School Tactical Vol II Expansion: Airborne
by Flying Pig Games

This is an expansion. You must own Old School Tactical Vol II to play Airborne. We all love 'em, a lot of film footage has been spent on them, they are the paratroopers of the 101st and 82 Airborne Divisions. The expansion includes a complete sheet of Airborne counters, rules for using them (paradrops, etc), six scenarios, and a HUGE 30" X 41" historical map (Home printer friendly 8.5" x 11" version...   [click here for more]
38.Roman Empire Maps

Roman Empire Maps

THE ROMAN EMPIRE MAPS The maps consist of a very large master map of the Roman Empire and adjacent territories, and nine printable A4 maps without a textured background showing the areas closer up. An introduction is also included. A companion guide detailing the locations on the maps is also available on this site, called Roman Empire Locations Guide. These are part of a wargame campaign project...   [click here for more]
39.Hannibal ad Portas

Hannibal ad Portas

Hannibal ad Portas is the first title of the One Page Games series: it’s a quick, solitaire historical game where you play the role of Hannibal on his march from Spain to Italy, where he will meet the Roman Army at Cannae (216BC). One Page Games (1PG) have been designed with the objective of being “light” games in terms of: Time Table space Cost I’ve...   [click here for more]
40.Blood & Plunder: No Peace Beyond the Line

Blood & Plunder: No Peace Beyond the Line
by Firelock Games

This 248-page book is a supplement to the original Blood & Plunder rule book and contains plenty of new content including units, ships, and additional rules. Please note that this book is not a standalone rule book, only an expansion. ...   [click here for more]
41.Old School Tactical Vol I Expansion: Stalingrad

Old School Tactical Vol I Expansion: Stalingrad
by Flying Pig Games

This is an expansion. You must own Old School Tactical Vol I to play Stalingrad. Set in one of the most famous battles on the eastern front during World War II, a five month battle that was one of the largest and bloodiest engagments in military history. A battle of attrition between the Wehrmacht and the Red Army in brutal, house-to-house, close quarter combat within the city of Stalingrad. Take...   [click here for more]
42.Star Fleet Battles: Module G3 - Master Annex File

Star Fleet Battles: Module G3 - Master Annex File
by Amarillo Design Bureau

“What is this thing, Lieutenant? A Dominator?” “Negative, Admiral, Wrong weapons configuration. Checking database now. Phasers, tractor-repulsors … not a Dominion. Not a Dominatrix. Not a Destructor. Got it! This thing is a Demolisher!” Released in 2009, the Module G3 - Master Annex File includes all of the key annexes (except #5)...   [click here for more]
43.Old School Tactical Vol II Expansion: Ghost Front

Old School Tactical Vol II Expansion: Ghost Front
by Flying Pig Games

This an expansion. You must own Old School Tactical Volume II to play Ghost Front. Ghost Front is the second expansion to Old School Tactical Vol II, covering the German's Ardennes offensive of 1944. This expansion includes a new, 30" x 41" map depicting snowy Ardennes terrain (With a home printer friendly 8.5" x 11" version included), a new sheet of 102 counters with new SS and American units,...   [click here for more]
44.An Infamous Traffic

An Infamous Traffic
by Hollandspiele

An Infamous Traffic Game Design & Art: Cole Wehrle Hex Number: 4 Duration: 45 to 90 minutes Players: 2 to 5 Solitaire Suitability: Very Low Theme: Economics; Nineteenth century It’s 1833. The East India Company has just had its monopoly...   [click here for more]
45.Five Leagues from the Borderlands

Five Leagues from the Borderlands
by Nordic Weasel Games

Welcome to the edge of civilization, where brigands rule and where the shadows are long. Five Leagues From the Borderlands is a set of solo miniatures rules for fantasy campaign games. Taking inspiration from gritty "medieval-fantasy" like The Black Company and Harn, this is a world of brutal combat and ever-present danger. With a handful of miniature figures, your dice and these rules,...   [click here for more]
46.Roman Empire Locations Guide

Roman Empire Locations Guide

THE ROMAN EMPIRE LOCATIONS GUIDE A 58-page guide detailing the locations shown on the Roman Empire Maps set above, and giving details about geography, populations, alternative names, histories, buildings and town classifications such as colonia, civitas, canabae, etc. This is intended as a companion guide to another title on this website called Roman Empire Maps. These are part of a wargame campaign...   [click here for more]
47.All Quiet on the Potomac

All Quiet on the Potomac
by Greg Wagman

All Quiet on the Potomac is the Eastern Theater scenario supplement for Altar of Freedom. This massive PDF covers every major battle fought in the east from 1861-1865. Each scenario has been carefully researched to include color maps and proper orders of battle for the armies. Historical scenarios include: First Manassas, Seven Pines, Gaines Mill, Glendale, Malvern...   [click here for more]
48.PFB War Brig

PFB War Brig
by Papierschnitzel

Introducing the Pirate Fleet Builder: Bermuda Sloop. Ideal for roleplaying or wargames. Combine with paper, plastic or metal miniatures. INCLUDES War Brig (16") Mast and Sails Easy and advanced build options Option for detachable sailing rig (for easy storage and safe transport) Color and texture skin variations Optional deck structures Top mast flags PRINT,...   [click here for more]
49.Cold War Commander

Cold War Commander
by Pendraken Miniatures

Cold War Commander (1st Edition) Cold War Commander is an exciting wargame that allows you to re-create battles from the First Indo-China War right up to the present day using miniatures on a tabletop. Command anything from a company right up to a division and get a result in 2-3 hours without becoming bogged-down in detail. Suitable for any scale miniatures from 2mm right up to 28mm (including 6mm,...   [click here for more]
50.Rifles in the Ardennes

Rifles in the Ardennes
by Tiny Battle Publishing

"You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terrors. Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.” - Winston Churchill The quiet, frosted hills painted with ancient woods which characterized the Belgian Ardennes were rattled and thundered to life as they became...   [click here for more]
51.Naval Command: Modern Naval Wargame Rules

Naval Command: Modern Naval Wargame Rules
by Rory Crabb

"Vampire, Vampire, Missiles Incoming!" The Game of Modern Naval Warfare ***New 2018 Edition*** Naval Command is a set of wargame rules for recreating naval battles with fleets of miniature warships and aircraft in the age of the guided missile and jet aeroplane. Covering the period from the late 1950s to the modern day or near future. The game can be played with fleets ranging in size form...   [click here for more]
52.Fireteam: Tactics - Sci-Fi Brick Combat

Fireteam: Tactics - Sci-Fi Brick Combat
by Max Byron

Hey, gamers, brick builders, and everything in-between. My name is Robert. I am a sci-fi writer and game designer who has previously brought you CONTACT, a role-playing game published by Clockwork Publishing. For the past two years I’ve been working on a fun project that will merge a couple of my favourite subjects - games, science fiction and most importantly, brick building toys such as...   [click here for more]
53.ACW Wargame Counters

ACW Wargame Counters
by Geoff Curran

Three 'print and mount your own ' sets of ACW wargaming counters to accommodate various current base conventions (1"/ 25mm frontage, 40mm frontage - larger figures, and 40mm x 40mm mutiple small figures). Each set includes bases for : Infantry (various uniforms), Zoaves, irregular foot, howitzer, Heavy Gun, light gun, cavalry, horse holders, dismounted cavalry, limbers, wagons, generals, and camps....   [click here for more]
54.Atlanta is Ours

Atlanta is Ours
by Greg Wagman

Atlanta is Ours is the Western Theater scenario supplement for Altar of Freedom. This massive PDF covers every major battle fought in the west from 1862-1865. Each scenario has been carefully researched to include color maps and proper orders of battle for the armies. Historical scenarios include: Fort Donelson, Pea Ridge, Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville, Stones River,...   [click here for more]
55.Five Men at Kursk

Five Men at Kursk
by Nordic Weasel Games

Welcome to the front. It's 1800 miles to Berlin. * * * * * Tanks, commando raids, intense infantry action, campaign games and heroes against the odds. All this and more can be found in Five Men at Kursk, the premier set of second world war skirmish game rules. Building off the legacy of the FiveCore system, Five Men at Kursk aims at providing a complete,...   [click here for more]
56.The Soo Line

The Soo Line
by Hollandspiele

Game Design: Tom Russell Art: Ilya Kudriashov Hex Number: 37 Duration: 45 minutes Players: 3 - 5 Solitaire Suitability: Low Theme: Trains The Soo Line is a train game set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. As in many such games, the players...   [click here for more]
57.Basic Impetus 2

Basic Impetus 2
by Dadi&Piombo

The second edition of Basic Impetus is a flexible, innovative and fast play system to play the ancients and medieval periods. It is provided with 340 (totally revised) army lists ranging from Sumerian to Renaissance. This set is not just a refreshement of the old version but can be considered an updated and light version of Impetus. All measurements are related to base width: this...   [click here for more]
58.Five Parsecs From Home

Five Parsecs From Home
by Nordic Weasel Games

Five Parsecs From Home is back, leaner and meaner than ever before! Create a crew of randomly generated personalities and see if you can make a profit on the fringes of space. Look for patrons, get into gun-battles and build up your squad. Five Parsecs is aimed specifically at the solo gamer (though you can play with a friend just fine) and lets you build a crew, take them through...   [click here for more]
59.Fear God & Dread Nought 2nd Edition

Fear God & Dread Nought 2nd Edition
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

Fear God & Dread Noughtis the Admiralty Trilogy Group’s tactical game covering war at sea from 1906 - 1925. Players can use ships, aircraft, and submarines to fight historical battles or experiment with “almost happened” or “what if” scenarios. While comprehensive, the rules are easy to follow for both experienced gamers and those new to naval gaming. They cover...   [click here for more]
60.Whitewash City:  The Complete Set

Whitewash City: The Complete Set
by Hotz Stuff

The Whitewash City: The Complete Set (Mother Lode Set) includes ALL 45 Whitewash City PDF model files. This makes 85 building models from small privies and tents to large stores, houses, hotels and a lot more, all to 30mm, 1/60th scale. The Mother Lode Set includes ALL 21 Add-On Kits and Gold Towntm in one zip for ONLY $60.00 USD, which works out to 83 building...   [click here for more]
61.Future War Commander

Future War Commander
by Pendraken Miniatures

Future War Commander (1st Edition) Future War Commander is an exciting wargame that allows you to re-create battles of the future using miniatures on a tabletop. Command anything from a company right up to a division and get a result in 2-3 hours without becoming bogged-down in detail. Suitable for any scale miniatures from 2mm right up to 28mm (including 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm) and no re-basing...   [click here for more]
62.Over the Alps

Over the Alps
by Greg Wagman

Over the Alps is the official Punic Wars scenario supplement for Age of Hannibal. This PDF covers the 15 most famous battles of all three Punic Wars. Each historical scenario has been well-researched with primary and secondary source material, including tabletop maps and orders of battle for the opposing armies. We've also included rules, tokens, and a stunning campaign map for you...   [click here for more]
63.'65 USMC and ANZAC

'65 USMC and ANZAC
by Flying Pig Games

This expansion to '65 Squad Level Combat in the Jungles of Vietnam includes two PDF files (approximately 8.5” x 11”) of United States Marines and ANZAC counters, including rifle squads, heroes, and armored fighting vehicles, such as the Ontos, Centurion, and six scenarios featuring them (three each Marines and ANZACs). The most potent squads in the game, the Marines bring devastating firepower,...   [click here for more]
64.Naval Thunder: Battleship Row

Naval Thunder: Battleship Row
by Steel Dreadnought Games

WW2 Core Rules Naval Thunder: Battleship Row brings exciting World War 2 action to your tabletop! Whether you are a fan of majestic battleships or powerful carriers, Naval Thunder: Battleship Row is fast paced, and easy to learn, and gives you the opportunity to recreate the famous naval battles of the Second World War, or to create your own! Extensive research to ensure the rules produce historically...   [click here for more]
65.Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI

Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI
by Rottenlead Publishing

NOTE to UK and European purchases. The printed copy is shipped from a UK address, so you don't face high international shipping charges from the USA. See the shipping details when you add to basket for more info. Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI is a dedicated 15mm fast play wargame designed for skirmish level play using combined arms. You can use miniatures from any 15mm SCI-FI manufacturer and...   [click here for more]
66.The Heights of Alma

The Heights of Alma
by Hollandspiele

Game design: Tom Russell Map artist: Ilya Kudriashov Hex number: 38 Duration: 120 minutes Players: 2 Solitaire Suitability: High Theme: Crimean War Shot & Shell Battle Series: 2 Tom Russell's first published game was Blood in the...   [click here for more]
67.Rising Sun, 3rd edition

Rising Sun, 3rd edition
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

Rising Sun provides scenarios for the Admiralty Trilogy’s WW II tactical naval game system, Comand at Sea. Starting with Pearl Harbor, it covers the fierce surface, submarine, and air combats of the first half of the Pacific War, with detailed orders of battle, and historical accounts. The original edition of Rising Sun was the first supplement published...   [click here for more]
68.Old School Tactical Vol. II

Old School Tactical Vol. II
by Flying Pig Games

The popular Old School Tactical series returns for its second edition with Old School Tactical Volume II: West Front 1944-45. This iteration of the quick to learn, challenging to master, tactical game introduces the Americans to the series. Fight across the European countryside with M-10 tank destroyers and Sherman Easy Eight tanks. Pile your powerful rifle squads into venerable M5 halftracks or...   [click here for more]
69.Ironclads And Iron Protected Vessels Of The Confederate States Navy 1861 -1865

Ironclads And Iron Protected Vessels Of The Confederate States Navy 1861 -1865
by john w wallis

This volume is the result of more than thirty years research, involving the many people, institutions, documents, books and records listed in the contents. At date of publication presents the most up to date history of all those vessels of the Confederate States Navy, proposed, planned, started, not finished, and completed that had iron plating protection in one form or another. So far as is...   [click here for more]
70.Starmada Unity Rulebook

Starmada Unity Rulebook
by Majestic Twelve Games

Starmada™ is a miniatures board game of starship combat. At its most basic level, players take command of space fleets in a general attempt to reduce each other to just so much space junk. At its most advanced, the game can be customized to breathe life into any science fiction background that players might imagine. Novices shouldn't fret; the core set of rules has been designed with...   [click here for more]
71.High Seas Fleet, 2nd Edition Annex Booklet

High Seas Fleet, 2nd Edition Annex Booklet
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

The High Seas Fleet Data Annexes booklet provides the ship and aircraft data needed to play the High Seas Fleet Scenarios, as well as data for the major units and some “almost built” classes. The annexes cover the ships and aircraft of Austria-Hungary, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Russia, and Turkey. This second edition of the Annexes has corrected...   [click here for more]
72.What Luck Cards

What Luck Cards
by Pulp Action Library

A combined deck of What Luck and Cameo cards for A Gentleman's War. ...   [click here for more]
73.Star Fleet Battles: Electronic Master Rulebook

Star Fleet Battles: Electronic Master Rulebook
by Amarillo Design Bureau

Captain! We’re under attack! The weapon made us change direction! Yes, Ensign. That is the heel nipper, a weapon of the Carnivons. Bring us about and fire photon torpedoes! 2012 EDITION of the Star Fleet Battles Master Rulebook   The Star Fleet Battles Master Rulebook includes all of the "rules" (no scenarios, annexes, SSDs, counters, maps,...   [click here for more]
74.'65: Squad-Level Combat in the Jungles of Vietnam

'65: Squad-Level Combat in the Jungles of Vietnam
by Flying Pig Games

Fast, furious, and fun! Are you looking for something new, something fresh? ’65 might be the game for you. A squad-level, tactical game, ’65 recounts the early battles of the Vietnam War, from Ia Drang to Operation Starlight, and most everything between. The large and beautiful counters (1" to 1.375" square) represent squads, Leaders, Heroes, Snipers, M-48 and Pt-76 tanks, and more....   [click here for more]
75.Cannon, Cross and Crescent

Cannon, Cross and Crescent
by Long Face Games

A quick playing set of Renaissance naval rules covering the period 1450 to 1600, allowing small and medium sized games with 30 ships a side or more to be completed in a couple of hours or less. They have been written with 1/1200 models such as those from Navwar and Langton in mind, but could be used with larger or smaller models with appropriate changes in ranges and movement. Bookkeeping is minimal,...   [click here for more]
76.guardhouse with bridge (stl files)

guardhouse with bridge (stl files)

You will get all files to print this items. Includes all necessary STL files to print the model on your own 3D printer. (No physical model included with your order.) This parts are included: Minimum printbed needed is 15 x 15 cm and 15 cm high. Scale is for 28mm Miniatures (approx 1/48) you can rescale it: Example Scale factor: 10mm = 40 - 45 % 15mm = 65 % (H0 Railroad) 20mm = 75...   [click here for more]
77.South Atlantic War II, Second Edition

South Atlantic War II, Second Edition
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

South Atlantic War, Second Edition contains an in-depth treatment of all aspects of the 1982 campaign in the Falkland Islands. Its 26 scenarios can be played separately of as a connected campaign. The scenarios include information from recently released sources, complete orders of battle for both combatants. The first edition has been used at the Naval War College and Quantico for officer...   [click here for more]
78.High Seas Fleet, 2nd Edition Scenario Booklet

High Seas Fleet, 2nd Edition Scenario Booklet
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

High Seas Fleet2nd edition provides over forty scenarios for all the major WW I naval actions, which include the well-known big battles like Jutland (broken into three parts, as well as the complete engagement), Dogger Bank, and many smaller fights. The scenarios often include variants, covering historical “almosts” and “what ifs”. This second edition...   [click here for more]
79.Red Menace (2nd Edition)

Red Menace (2nd Edition)
by Battlespace Games

The 2nd edition includes all new artwork for the map, counters, reference sheets, cards, and new rules, units, and scenarios. The use of cards for Random Events and Soviet Cities (for Soviet AI Target Assignment) instead of chit-pull is also new for this edition.   Red Menace is a solitaire wargame pitting the strategic nuclear and defensive...   [click here for more]
80.Concise Collection of Classes

Concise Collection of Classes
by Ganesha Games

Classic and Contemporary Classes for Four Against Darkness This supplement for Four Against Darkness presents you with nine new character classes, including rules to bring them to up to Expert level with Four Against the Abyss. Featuring: • the assassin, who hides to deliver astounding killing blows • the fire elf, who is blind but gifted with the deadly...   [click here for more]
81.FiveCore 3rd edition. Skirmish Gaming Evolved

FiveCore 3rd edition. Skirmish Gaming Evolved
by Nordic Weasel Games

This brand new 3rd edition of the premier character-driven skirmish system will knock your socks off. FiveCore offers you fast playing games with 5-15 figures per side. No firing tables. Just roll the dice and you know immediately if the target is down, wounded, pinned or running away. Troop quality affects your ability to coordinate attacks and have your men work together, rather than just providing...   [click here for more]
82.Platoon Commander: India-Pakistan 1965

Platoon Commander: India-Pakistan 1965
by Tiny Battle Publishing

India-Pakistan War 1965 is a Platoon Commander module simulating the conflict during August and September of 1965 between India and Pakistan in the Chawinda region of Kashmir. The module designer, David K. van Hoose; has brought to life some of the largest armor battles since the Battle of Kursk. The game includes five scenarios that will take the gamer from small skirmishes to the slugfests...   [click here for more]
83.FiveCore Company Command

FiveCore Company Command
by Nordic Weasel Games

Welcome to FiveCore Company Command. Use the fast-playing, easy to remember FiveCore mechanics to resolve company level world war 2 and modern engagements in less than two hours. The game moves quickly and with an unpredictable turn sequence that keeps you on your toes. Morale is built right into the firing roll with no need to consult lists of modifiers. The rules provide a quick scenario and...   [click here for more]
84.Classic Starfire Core Rules Bundle

Classic Starfire Core Rules Bundle
by Starfire Design Studio

The Classic Starfire Core Rules Package is a combination of the three main rule books: 3rd Edition Tactical Rules Revised, Imperial Starfire, and Sky Marshal #2. These books contain all of the rules for the tactical battles and scenarios, and the strategic campaign game. You can find more detailed descriptions at: /product/221335/Starfire-3rd-Edition-Tactical-Rules-Revised /product/221337/Imperial-Starfire...   [click here for more]
85.Great Hall Burning

Great Hall Burning
by Rebel Minis

THE OPEN SEA AND A STRONG WIND… Great Hall Burning allows you to adventure during the Viking Age, the period from the late 8th century to the mid-11th century. If you succeed in battle and in your raids, you can raise your Social Standing and gather more men. As your Fame grows you rise in rank until someday, you are King. Or you could be… The journey is long, with...   [click here for more]
86.Tropical Beach w/grass Wargame Battle Mat

Tropical Beach w/grass Wargame Battle Mat
by The Wookiee Workshop

This package contains several High Res image files, suitable for printing a wargaming tabletop playmat. And the best part: you pay what you want! Please keep in mind that these images took a lot of work to create, and any contribution you deem worthy of my work will help me keep creating! The theme of this mat is a tropical beach with crabgrass. Resolution: 150dpi Sizes available in the package:...   [click here for more]
87.Sellswords and Spellslingers Solo and Cooperative fantasy Miniature Rules

Sellswords and Spellslingers Solo and Cooperative fantasy Miniature Rules
by Ganesha Games

Sellswords and Spellslingers is a solo and cooperative fantasy miniatures game for 1 to 6 players. Each player creates a party of fantasy adventurers with a point system. Then players choose a scenario and try to complete a mission. Foes and events are moved automatically by a deck of cards. Characters grow with experience, and a list of campaign activities is provided....   [click here for more]
88.PFB Bermuda Sloop

PFB Bermuda Sloop
by Papierschnitzel

Introducing the Pirate Fleet Builder: Bermuda Sloop. Ideal for roleplaying or wargames. Combine with paper, plastic or metal miniatures. INCLUDES Bermuda Sloop (12") Mast and Sails Easy and advanced build options Option for detachable sailing rig (for easy storage and safe transport) Color and texture skin variations Optional deck structures Top mast flags PRINT,...   [click here for more]
89.Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium

Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium
by Legionnaire Games

More than just a simple compilation of the four books in the Strike Legion Tactical series (the award-winning Strike Legion Main Rulebook, Module 1: The Genome Gambit, Module 2: The Clockwork Armies and Skunk Works), the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium contains one of the most complete game...   [click here for more]
90.Horse & Musket III: Crucible of War

Horse & Musket III: Crucible of War
by Hollandspiele

Game design: Sean Chick Art: Ilya Kudriashov Hex Number: 35 Duration: 60 to 90 minutes Players: 2 Solitaire Suitability: High Theme: 18th Century Series: Horse & Musket This is an expansion. You need "Horse & Musket: Dawn of...   [click here for more]
91.Extra Impetus 5

Extra Impetus 5
by Dadi&Piombo

Supplement 5 of Impetus game system. It includes 48 army lists and 1 campaign game. FEUDAL EUROPE Feudal French, Anglo Norman, Early Feudal English, Later Feudal English, Welsh, Scots, Isles and Highlands, Irish, Anglo Irish, Frisia and Free Cantons, Scandinavian Kingdoms ITALY AND THE EMPIRE Italian Communal (1150-1200 AD), Imperial German, Italian...   [click here for more]
92.Table Battles

Table Battles
by Hollandspiele

Game design: Tom Russell Hex number: 18 Duration: 20 minutes Players: 2 Solitaire Suitability: High Theme: All of human history Here is something new and exciting, something completely unlike any other game on your table. Table Battles is a thinky filler, a light...   [click here for more]
93.NATO Air Commander

NATO Air Commander
by Hollandspiele

Designer: Brad Smith Map Art: Ania B. Ziolkowska Hex Number: 34 Duration: 90 minutes Players: 1 Solitaire Suitability: Very High Theme: Cold War 1 May 1987:...   [click here for more]
94.Five Parsecs : Bug Hunt

Five Parsecs : Bug Hunt
by Nordic Weasel Games

The adventure continues. With Five Parsecs : Bug Hunt it's you and your team of battle-hardened marines against the awfully big fangs of the alien horrors that lurk in the shadows. Create a batch of characters and undertake procedurally generated missions, complete with Tactical Locations where tech-inclined characters can block, delay or distract the alien hordes. Character creation...   [click here for more]
95.Star Fleet Battles: Module G3A - Supplementary Annexes

Star Fleet Battles: Module G3A - Supplementary Annexes
by Amarillo Design Bureau

“I like Hydrans and you like Klingons. What’s a good scenario that has them both?” “Module G3A says 'Supply Voyage' is specifically Hydrans vs. Klingons. Let’s try that one!" Module G3A includes even more indexes and annexes to help flesh out your Star Fleet Battles “master book” series. The SFB Master Table...   [click here for more]
96.American Fleets

American Fleets
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

For the first time statistics for US ships and aircraft, and all their weapons and sensors are available in Command At Sea(CaS) 4th Edition standard. American Fleetsincludes over 250 ship classes and over 190 aircraft, many of which have not appeared in CaSformat before. All earlier listings for these ships and aircraft have been reviewed and updated to include information...   [click here for more]
97.The Emperor's Fleet

The Emperor's Fleet
by Admiralty Trilogy Group

The Emperor’s Fleetprovides statistics for the Japanese ships and aircraft, and all their weapons and sensors, extant in the Second World War. Over 200 ship classes and over 130 aircraft are included, many of which have not appeared in Trilogyproducts before. All earlier listings for these ships and aircraft have been updated to include information from newly available...   [click here for more]

by Vandering Publications

A d10 based wargames rules system for naval warfare in the age of the guided missile. ...   [click here for more]
99.Rogue Planet

Rogue Planet
by Brent Spivey Creations

ROGUE PLANET SCI-FANTASY SKIRMISH The PDF download now includes both the printer friendly B&W version of ROGUE PLANET and the full color Derelict Planet Edition. To best enjoy the layouts in the Derelict Planet Edition, make sure that you have both 'Two-Up' and 'Show Cover Page During Two-Up' selected under 'View>Page Display' in your PDF options menu. The print edition that...   [click here for more]
100.Starport Scum

Starport Scum
by Nordic Weasel Games

Starport Scum is a tabletop game of fierce space adventure, space pirates and salvage crews looking for the next big break. Drawing on sources such as Traveller, Firefly, Trigun and Borderlands, it's a game about getting by on the outskirts of civilization, always on the look out for that next job. Combining miniatures war gaming with role playing game touches, Starport Scum is playable as a conventional...   [click here for more]
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