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Shotgun House $2.00
Publisher: Finger and Toe Models
by Andrew W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/11/2013 15:24:39

One of the most useful models I've come across and one of the easiest to build. The Shotgun House is truly an American classic. These little buildings were seen all over the United States and can still be found today. It is not a great stretch of the imagination to observe the similarities to modern holiday chalets. this building wouldn't look out of place on a trailer park. Construction was simplicity itself. Each side wall is a continuation of a gable end. It is simply a case of folding along the corners and joining the tabs on the open ends. Fix to the base, add a porch and glue on the roof. For a mere $2 you get four different coloured houses. A roof and an outhouse (you need to print one roof per set of walls) are included on a fifth page. A detailed interior texture is supplied on the final page, for those who like to game inside the buildings. I was even able to kit-bash a Dry Goods store from one these beauties. Highly recommended.

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Shotgun House
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