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World on Fire: The Third World War Book 2 $4.99
Publisher: Imperial Depot Miniatures
by Gunther B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/28/2013 00:01:56

An excellent follow up to the lead book in the series. Again while designed for Fistfull of TOWS 3 it can be used with any board game or miniature rules of the period that is platoon based. We resolved the battles with Line of Fire / World at War board games and while Combined Arms leaves much to be desired as a gaming system; it is an excellent source tables of organization and equipment information. I also like the time line as I left active duty in 1984 and have first hand experience having served with both straight leg infantry and mechanized infantry as a company medic, both stateside and overseas. Now while I relate more to M-60A3's and M-113's as opposed to Abrams and Bradly's; I can say it portrays equipment accurately if a little optimistic on reliability of some equipment and skill of new lieutenants. For those who like to combine role playing with miniatures or war games. This game also blend wells with Twilight 2000 First Edition and to a lesser extent Second Edition 2.2. The Third Edition 2013 is for a later time period and the game was a disappointment in any event. (One cannot lump all Special Ops from SEALS to Spetnatz together as light infantry) The game uses Google Maps with grid overlays that greatly simplify terrain and has straight forward orders of battle. Now granted the battles portrayed in this book are more holding action and more of a side show; but that is the challenge to get the job done with a minimum amount of units and resources. Definitely looking forward to the continuation of this series. Highly recommended by SAMOS' SWORDSMEN of the Blade & Blaster Gaming Society.

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World on Fire: The Third World War Book 2
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