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Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI $14.00
Publisher: Rottenlead Publishing
by Mick L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/26/2013 20:38:23

A solid, good quality ruleset with lots of examples and diagrams. Sharing many game mechanics with Warmachine (minus the cheesiness) means it has a familiar and well-proven core system. Obviously made for gamers, by a gamer. It's a game, not a simulation - it feels more space opera than gritty near future sci fi. The "build your own unit" system and support from pretty much every 15mm manufacturer is a major drawcard (although I'd say opponents could "min-max" a bit when making units if they were unscrupulous - I wouldn't call it a "competition" ruleset) Along with the grittier Tomorrow's War rules, I'd say this is pretty much a compulsory purchase if you are into 15mm sci fi.

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Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI
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