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Wild Talents: Essential Edition
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Jason C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/03/2013 18:30:49

After having played in one campaign of Wild Talents and run another, I think it's fair to give my view on it. Spoiler alert! I was in two campaigns of it. It's really really good.

Wild Talents is the (slightly) generic version of the One Roll Engine for superheroes that has powered the WWII supers game Godlike. It allows for a single roll to resolve whether a character succeeds at their task, how well they succeed, and even hit location in combat.

The Essentials Edition is the most stripped down version of the game, but even it contains a great deal of content, including pre-built characters and powers that can be pulled out and used.

Wild Talents is not the best One Roll Engine game (that's A Dirty World, by the way, you're welcome.) But it is the most comprehensive in terms of its breadth and flexibility. You can run any sort of people-with-powers game in Wild Talents. A caveat to this is important, though. In Godlike, the characters were very fragile. A single gunshot could ruin a superhero's day. This reflected well the themes of war and sacrifice that Godlike pursued. However, it does mean that until you develop some skill in the One Roll Engine, you might find yourself with some dead Talents on your hands. It does have a learning curve, and if you're really not sure of the system yet, you absolutely owe it to yourself to TAKE ONE OF THE PREMADE CHARACTERS. Play it first until you get some idea of the various types of dice that will be filling up your die pool (and those of the enemies). Make sure you understand how they're able to shoot you in the head and kill you.

Once you have some skill in avoiding that (or if you don't care whether you avoid it or not because fragile supers is what you want) then Wild Talents will shine.

The Essential Edition is priced amazingly cheaply for such a tremendously thorough and well-tested product. You shouldn't pass it up - just be aware of the learning curve and TRY IT FIRST before you play it "for real". You will be glad you did.

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Wild Talents: Essential Edition
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