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Lincoln, NM: Two Businesses $2.50
Publisher: Finger and Toe Models
by Andrew W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/02/2012 14:56:40

There are other Wild West building kits available, so why buy the Lincoln, New Mexico collection? To coin a popular phrase, "You're not in Kansas now". The Lincoln collection is the authentic South-west from the hand of a man who knows the neighbourhood. It is see, by comparing these lovely little models to period and modern photos, that this is a real town referenced on the spot. Glenn Williams would describe this range as a labour of love and a homecoming, something that shows in the models. The predominantly adobe buildings are a wonderfully refreshing departure from the "Hollywood" depictions of Abilene, Kansas. Every building comes with an individual base and interior floor. The option is given to attach the building, permanently, to the base or make it slip over a set of ruined corners. The latter option, not as difficult as it sounds, is probably the better. Construction is so simple an experienced model maker could put one together in half an hour. The two buildings in this set are pretty unique for this genre. The General Dealer has the familiar clapboard frontage on a classic adobe building. The Cantina is even more unusual. This is not your typical Western Saloon, it is single storey adobe building with a roof that pitches in four directions. This classic Mexican building has the look of a C19th Diner. Highly recommended and at $2:50 for two models, Glenn is almost giving these away.

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Lincoln, NM: Two Businesses
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