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Star Map $3.99
Publisher: DramaScape
by Jonathan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/24/2012 20:33:05

The Star Map has easy to understand and easy to follow instructions. The maps are gorgeous!

The plain map is my favorite. It is simply beautiful. The map with the planet is nice but the planet lacks depth. I feel the same way for the map with the space ship/space station on it. The star background is so detailed with lots to look at. But, the planet and space ship/space station appear to lack the level of quality that went into the background imagery.

I can see these maps being use for Battlefleet Gothic, Babylon 5: A Call to Arms, Star Wars Minis Starship Battles, or any number of other space battle minis games.

Imagine getting these maps printed off onto a nice blank fabric and how cool it would look on the table. Or, printing the maps onto paper and then adhering them to poster board. Simply gorgeous!

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Star Map
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