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City Blocks $1.99
Publisher: DramaScape
by Kyle W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/21/2012 20:49:11

This is actually a rather good product, but there are a couple glaring issues.

While the textures are of decent quality, there are a couple places where they don't really work, and there are a couple places where there are glaring blue blocks that could just as well be a glitch rather than an intentional decision.

My main gripe with the map, though, is the amount of busy additions there are. Rather than being a true blank slate with entirely user-driven customization, there are a few vehicles added, which are placed in the middle of the street in a way that could be pretty awkward to explain away to players mid car-chase or whatnot. In addition, there's a degree of noise added by what appears to be randomly placed debris, but this is notably absent from the bottom left sections of road, as well as a couple other sections. In addition, the roads on the bottom left don't have lines painted, which also sorta kills the immersion.

I hate to scourge it so heavily on a couple of errors; technically, there's a really good product here, but the built in vehicles kinda kill some of the versatility, and those blue boxes just don't mesh with the map. If they were removed, I'd have fewer qualms with giving this a perfect rating.

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City Blocks
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