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City Blocks $1.99
Publisher: DramaScape
by David W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/18/2012 07:06:38

As a GM and miniatures gamer, there are certain things I look for. Many of these CITY BLOCKS offers. Some, it doesn't.

It does layout a map that is, as the name implies, a large section of city with buildings, streets and sidewalks/ patios. This is great!

There are some other things that I would have liked to see. These are:

_ Nowhere does it mention the size of the map (except in the other review here). I would have liked to know the exact size of the "finished" map, so I could have planned out the mounting a little better. According to the other review, it is 40 x 30, which is the size of two foamboard sheets. This would have been good information to have ahead of time, since I can't afford to blindly print out sheets that I may not be able to use.

_ Also, I couldn't find any reference to scale! I am guessing that one inch = 20 feet, but there is nothing to confirm this. That is pretty important to a GM.

_ Finally, the artwork is good, and you can see what it represented clearly (vehicles, and such), BUT there are "squares" scattered all over the map. Are these debris? Pixelation? I really couldn't tell... It made the map look a little "cluttered."

These are the things I didn't like about it. What I DID like about it was the fact that you get an easy to store city at a great price! Like all of the other DramaScape maps, it is well laid-out and features 3D renderings to show your palyers, "You face North, and this is what you see."

I couple small additions to the "heart" of the text and this could easily get all 5 stars!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for your review, we are glad you like our products.

The size of the map is on page 3 of the Pdf and on the bottom of the description of the product here, perhaps we should have put it some where more prominant though.
I agree that we should have added a scale, we normally do this on our maps and forgot to add it with this one, the squares you mention are drains, but I dont think they came out as well as they should have.

Again thanks for your review.

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City Blocks
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