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E-Z TERRAIN: Overland Adventures $9.99
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Chris H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/27/2012 14:18:36

This set has a lot going on. The 3D elements boil down to a few tents, a couple of logs, and a big tree. The tree’s design allows you to suspend miniatures within the branches, which is great for staging ambushes, forest battles, and the like. The logs and even the tree aren’t very complicated to build, and the tents are easy. All of these pieces look great. Quite a few 2D tiles are provided as well, outfitted with many options via layers. If you’re looking for 3D elements, you’ll want this set, but I don’t think you’ll find it to do the job alone. The 2D tiles offer a rich array of landscapes, and you’ll find they go much farther than the 3D elements.

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E-Z TERRAIN: Overland Adventures
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