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Publisher: AGEMA
by Jean C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2012 14:13:47

Kind of skimpy, very little art or maps or anything like that, and they got some really basic facts wrong. CNT wasn't a communist designation! it was the largest anarchist trade union. The Socialist union was the UGT, which was also a slogan used alot on vehicles. They covered armored vehicles but forgot about camiones blindados (“tiznaos”), the armored trucks which were used both as tanks and APC's. They also left out the dynamiteros from the various troop types, and I didn't see much if anything about German or Italian volunteers. Also they had political militias in the Basque countries, not just Basque nationalists. There were also a lot more elite columns other than the two they mentioned.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Jean, we'd argue that in detail these army lists are far from skimpy, there are lists for 20 Nationalist and 25 Republican armies here! - but yes there aren't any illustrations, maps or artwork.

Good point about CNT, and this has now been corrected (although this was only a one word error on a single two-word line, although having said that we agree it was a sloppy mistake!).

Anyway, we've updated Armies of the Spanish Civil War with a second edition with a section covering 'tiznoas' and miners capable of employing explosives ('dynamiteros') which will at least explain why we didn't pay much attention to the tiznaos originally (basically they would break down if you turned the engine on, a real problem for a military vehicle!).

Finally, yes we could have covered more than two elite columns and given more Basque country army lists, but hey there are 45 army list here which we think is a heck of a lot really.

If any buyer has ideas to improve the lists in the future please do get in touch with AGEMA - thanks are due to Jean for spotting the CNT error.

Previous purchasers of the lists here can get the 2nd edition update for free by just downloading the title again. The update isn't a major one, so we didn't feel justified in issuing it as a new product.

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Armies of the Spanish Civil War
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