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Tales of Blades and Heroes Fantasy RPG rules $18.00 $8.00
Publisher: Ganesha Games
by Alejandro A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/05/2012 07:12:19

After more more than two decades of roleplaying, I find the holy grail in the shape of TALES OF BLADES AND HEROES.

The good: Easy and fast rules but deep enough to portarit characters and their abilities, and a limitless options magic system. Beware: if you are a fan ranks, modifiers and detailed to the core mechanics, this is not for you; if you want fast and fun games or/and games in which roleplaying can prevail over mechanics, with vast freedom for character creation without class or race restrictions, this is for you. Another remarkable aspect is the union with tactical miniature gaming; this is a perfect mix of RPG and fantasy wargaming if you want, and can be used as a wargame on it´s own (being based on Song of blades and heroes)

The bad: No setting and no profiles for monsters and antagonists; it´s not really a bad thing for experienced gamers, but a couple more pages with goons and setting ideas could help newcomers.

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Tales of Blades and Heroes Fantasy RPG rules
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