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The Battlefield: Miniature Modern Warfare $24.95 $9.99
Publisher: Brent Spivey Creations
by Ulysse L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/23/2012 07:25:25

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The Battlefield : Miniature Modern Warfare.

Game mechanics

Overdrive is based on actions, each of them costing a number of Command Action Point or CAP but each time you do a new action on the same turn, you have to multiply the base cost by the number of the action for this unit : so if you Shoot on your first action then Move on your second action, you should pay 1 (number of the action) X 2 (base cost of shooting) CAP then 2 X 1 CAP for a grand total of 4 CAP. But if you Move then Shoot, you will pay 1X1 CAP then 2X2 CAP for a total of 5 CAP, so choose wisely, you will rarely have more than 12 CAP each turn to spend on your 1 to 4 units. Amongst the actions you can take, there are : move, shoot, fight in hand to hand, spot, set in overwatch, respawn, capture... and many more depending of your equipment as planting C4, fix a vehicle or heal an ally. Combat is resolved with opposed rolls (attack value VS defence value for ranged attack) with success on 4+, the player with more successes than his opponent achieving to inflict/prevent damage.


You can either play FPS or TPS (First ou Third Person Shooter) with whatever scale please you. FBS basing means 1 model represents 1 unit with 4 health points or HP, where TPS uses fire teams of 4 models with only 1 HP each. You can also play vehicles (buggy, armed light jeep, APC and MBT) and helicopters (recon, transport, gunship and heavy transport) with many health points. Main characteristics of a unit are : Move Value (3 inches/action for infantry), Attack Value (ranged), Defence Value, Optimal Range (beyond this range, you attack value is halved), Close Quarter and Damage Treshold (what I call health points). Damaged units should pay CAP before conducting attacks or the opponent will receive bonus die for his Defence roll.

Cover : obstacles and buildings

Easy as pie : each building/floor is a "block" and when a unit enters this block, the unit can freely move inside without paying CAP, allowing it to see to a 360° arc (if buildings have windows on each side) and each time C4/claymore or grenade is used in a "block" everyone inside is hit ! Obstacles also grants cover if the unit is in base to base contact (whatever side you are but if you're on the "good" side, you get a better bonus to your Defence Value) so you will never be helpless in the open and that's a great thing because even if your opponent need to spot you before firing on you, you will be much harder to spot/fire on if in cover.

Classes and loadouts

Thoses who played Battlefield 2 won't have much trouble recognizing the classes : engineer (reparation tool and AT mine) , anti-tank (bazooka), assault (common infantry, the most customizable), command (another unit acts but command pays the CAP cost), medic (healing pack), support (suppressive fire et ammo pack) et special force (C4). The sniper (claymore) is the only one that is ever represented, both in FPS and TPS basing, by a single model with multiple HP.Each player has 4 slots to fill with loadouts (items seen Modern Warfare, Battlefield or Ghost Recon) : frag/flahs/smoke grenades, flak jackets, ghillie suit, optical camo, red dot or ACOG visor, mortar, grenade launcher, silencer (firing don't give your position and you don't become spotted immediately), bipod (each 6 allow to roll another die in ranged attacks !!!!!!!)... and many vehicles upgrades : smoke dischargers, flares, ... Some unique abilities are available too : return fire, move & fire, move & close quarter and some classes have to be bought through loadouts like medic, special force and command. Imagination is the only limit to create your own loadout.

Game modes

Free for all, team deathmatch, conquest (capture & hold objectives), capture the flag, assault... There are also alternative opponents (zombies, insurgents & mercs) so everything can be played and the more you are around the gaming table, the more you enjoy the game ! Overwatch mode (acting during the other's turn) is here declined in two version At the ready and Overwatch, the first for acting during an ally turn, the other during enemy turn; meaning than planification and teamwork is the victory key.


Pro :

-cheap, colored and easy to learn -concept of buildings as "blocks" and easy mechanics (success on 4+) -large choice of items, vehicles, classes and game modes (everything is customizable) -a bit of strategy grants deadly successful action (and fun) -Battlefield 3 & Modern Warfare 3 turned into a miniature game

Con :

-calculating CAP cost, remembering base cost of each action, need of markers for CAP & different status -may be very difficult to play with bigger amies (more than 4 units per side) even if it's not its main purpose

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The Battlefield: Miniature Modern Warfare
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