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The Ancible Magazine Issue 15 $5.80 $1.51
Publisher: AKR Productions Limited
by Mike P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/13/2012 01:59:16

Ok, I don't know why this (free) magazine has never hit my radar, but this is solid gold. I felt like I was reading an 80's White Dwarf with new stuff in it. Their avowed aim is "to introduce YOU to the games you don’t yet know", which is something that they achieved well with 4 in depth, well written and informative reviews (Cutlass, Star Trek Expeditions, Strange Aeons Expansions and Rogue Trader) and a solid interview. The only things missing from a WD were the scenarios and articles, but that's not what they're about and so it can't be held against them. Lots of great miniatures artwork and some useful ads and contacts help round it off. Well worth the read - a real nostalgia trip, but with new stuff. And did I mention it's free? (By the way Magazine Team, you could do yourselves a favour by briefly listing the contents on the article page here, it would help people to know where you're at)

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The Ancible Magazine Issue 15
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