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WINTERHAWK: The Watchtower $7.50
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Adam S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/30/2011 23:48:32

Wow, this tower is legendary! I deliberated over this one for a long time, at least 2 months; I wish I had purchased it sooner. I really like how this tower looks like the human defensive tower in the World of Warcraft. The lowest floor flare and the buttresses combine to make a very tough looking foundation. I could see this being the tower of a reclusive mage, the lone defense of a remote frontier settlement, or part of a kingdom's defensive border. This badboy is physically sturdy, too. The bottom floor with its double wall and buttresses could probably win a high school engineering fair prize. The tower takes about 3 or 4 sheets of card stock per floor, which is reasonable given the final model's detail. The instructions are fairly amazing, especially compared to some other paper modeling instructions out there. They are very step by step, slowing down for the hairy parts and completely illustrated with photographs. If you are thinking about this one at all, I highly recommend it. The price seemed a bit steep to me, which is why I hesitated for so long, but after biting the bullet I am very pleased with the bang to buck ratio. This does include the ruined upper levels, as well. Also, while labor intensive, the 3D machiolations are totally worth it.

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WINTERHAWK: The Watchtower
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