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Bel's Kitty, KV-12 Lev Supertank $6.00
Publisher: Finger and Toe Models
by Andrew W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/22/2011 16:10:02

Another beautifully detailed but easy to build model from Glenn Williams at Finger and Toe. If your SF gaming tends towards Hammer's Slammers, this is the supertank for you. Easy to build with a choice of add-ons, turning it into a very potent piece of hardware. At an impressive 6inches by 7, it's big but not unmanageable. APC and tank variants are possible with basic kit. Bel's Kitty is excellent value for money and comes in four useful colour schemes. In common with other Finger and Toe models, gaming notes and an optional back story are part of the easy to follow instructions. If all this does not tempt you, a low priced upgrade is available to convert your KV-12 into an Assault Gun.

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Bel's Kitty, KV-12 Lev Supertank
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