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Victory Decision: World War II $16.99 $12.74
Publisher: A.D.Publishing
by Norman M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/22/2011 11:09:53

This looks to be a very great game. Having read through the rules they have some awesome mechanics including an innovative initiative sequence and a great use of commanders. (I love the fact that they even have rules for medics) One of the nice features is the download comes with both a full color rule book as well as a printer friendly version which make printing the entire book affordable while still being able to view some great photos. While there are a few sections that are a bit confusing, by and large, the rules are clear and concise. While it is designed for single based minis the rules provide an easy and very clear way to use bases that contain multiple figures (such as are used for Flames of War) Finally, the price point is great. I have a large collection of flames of war and for 12.99 you get an entirely new game with a new feel that can use the same figures.

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Victory Decision: World War II
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