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Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes $20.00 $10.00
Publisher: Ganesha Games
by Courtney H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/30/2019 23:49:56

This game is fantastic! It puts the fun back into tabletop miniature gaming without eating a hole in your pocket. You don't have to buy miniatures. You can use any fantasy miniatures you already have from boardgames or playing Dungeons & Dragons. The rules are easy to learn and even easier to teach without being too simple. There is a lot to remember, but you can look up rules at the table during your first games. This would be a great game to teach to your kids. I could see this being a great way to get friends interested in the hobby too. I played a game tonight with my wife. That said, there's enough game here to keep the hardcore gamer interested too. I was actually surprised by how robust the rules were. The designer Andrea was kind enough to answer my question about his game quickly. So great customer service. It's too early to tell, but this might end up being my favorite game. I haven't been this happy with a product in years. The inksaving PDF is great too. So many products here are impossible to print because their authors refuse to make a print-friendly file available. I really hope Andrea continues to put out great content for this game. It's really something special.

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Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes
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