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4AD Game Board: a one-page play sheet for Four Against Darkness Pay What You Want
Publisher: Wisps of Time
by Christopher M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/09/2019 14:51:45

Love these sheets. So helpful since I'm just starting out. I'm going to print them out on ancient looking paper (double sided) and bind them together into a small book of adventures.

To that end, a small 1/4" gap between the grid and the character sheets might be helpful since it would allow folding or binding without ruining the grid or character sheets themselves.

(also left a comment on the author's site, and then figured out how to leave a review here!)

One game question I have regarding the grid: Does the entrance always start at the bottom of the short edge of the grid, or can you play it in the middle of the long edge?

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the suggestion, Chris, that's a great idea!

As to your question, p. 25 of the rulebook says to place an entrance room at the bottom center of the map. I don't see why you couldn't draw it on any side, or even in the middle (though you may be dealing with more "fudged" rooms as you reach the edges sooner) with "stairs" that terminate one end of the room, many old school D&D modules have maps like this. Try it out and see!
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4AD Game Board: a one-page play sheet for Four Against Darkness
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