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FiveCore 3rd edition. Skirmish Gaming Evolved $12.99 $9.74
Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
by Andrew W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/16/2019 18:21:46

I'm impressed with this title. The core system is elegant and easy to understand but flexible and open to tweaking by the players which is nice. A lot of current rule systems are aimed at tournament gaming and it is nice to have a game I can play casually with my friends but is still tactically deep. The author has included a lot of bonus material as well: common house rules for the game, althernate turn sequences, and random tables to help with pickup games. It is a good tool box game that reminds me of a lot of classic games from the 80s and early nineties. I can see using this for some personal projects.

There are some negatives. The book seems to be a libreoffice writer file saved as a PDF. Functional, but people who want lots of artwork and well laid out pages will be disappoined. Worse, the author has elected to put many of the alternate ways the game can be played in line with the base rules. So the section describing the activation system discusses multiple activation systems before moving on to the movement section. I would have ranther seen the alternate ways to play the game in their own section later in the book. It took me a few re-reads to get the base system down because I kept pulling in elements of the alternate systems without realizing it.

Those are minor complaints and the game is so good I'm still giving it five stars. I hope this game represents a larger movement in the industry to return to creative and fun games over needlessly complex games that are better at selling miniatures then they are fun to play.

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Creator Reply:
Cheers and I appreciate the kind words.
You are right that the look is a bit "workhorse". If we do an update, we will definitely look to improve the visuals a bit, particularly as regards examples and such.

Your feedback on the placement of optional rules will be noted. I think there's ups and downs to both approaches so I'll have to do some more thinking on that.

Appreciate the feedback and hope you have more happy games ahead of you!
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FiveCore 3rd edition. Skirmish Gaming Evolved
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