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Bel's Kitty, KV-12 Lev Supertank $6.00
Publisher: Finger and Toe Models
by william b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2019 10:32:43

Overall this is a good model. However, the size of the vehicle raises a few questions. 'For 28mm figures the tank would be about 30 feet wide. Way to big to drive alon most roads or cross any bridges. A 20 foot width would alos make it extremely dificult to transport by rail. Also the location of the driver is not in keeping with modern tank design and creates a weak point in the front armor protection. There is also a slot in the lower right side fo the front glacis, which is probably for a hull machinegun. Again this is another weak point in the armor. Hull machineguns no longer being in use. Fortunately I have a graphics program that allows me to alter the images. After some adjustments I have reduced it to 15 feet wide which is just a bit wider than the 12 feet of most current day tanks while keeping it at the same length which is close to present day tanks. After making all the size adjustments all the parts except the tracks fit onto two pages. The sdjustment to the traccks allows four of them to fit on one page.

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Bel's Kitty, KV-12 Lev Supertank
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