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Western Town $5.99
Publisher: DramaScape
by JD S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/14/2019 08:44:44

THisa has to be one of the worst maps I've ever purchased. What you get is some very basic buildings dropped in two rows on a starw background. That's it: no road, no plants, no rocks, no watering troughs, no trees, no bushes, nothing. It looks like something a GM threw together in a couple minutes while his players were stting at the table. It went straight into my trash can. I can't believe these guys had the gall to charge $6 for this.

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Creator Reply:
We always add a preview of our product so that customers can take a good look at the product and decide if they like it before they buy it.

This product has sold over 250 copies and already has a 5 Star Review.
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Western Town
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