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Wrecked House Paper Model $4.95
Publisher: Dave Graffam Models
by Dennis O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/27/2010 14:21:56

This is an excellent model for any area that has been torn apart by the ravages of war - I intend to use it both for Mordheim and for my own setting, which is based on the Thirty Years War. It could serve equally well for a modern farmhouse.

Despite the gaping holes (easily large enough for an ogre to pass through) this is a sturdy model - I have placed three metal ogre miniatures on the second floor with no visible stress upon either the floor or the walls of the building.

The textures are very nice, with signs of both weathering and fire. The feel is not that of a recent fire, but rather of a building that was abandoned, either because it had burned, or had caught fire after being abandoned. Dave Graffam's use of layers on this model was extensive - there are a number of differing materials, from wood to half timber and stucco to brick two types of stone. I am not sure whether the use of textures will make multiple models dissimilar enough for use on the same tabletop, but if you don't mind some repetition then it will be no problem at all.

Good vantage points for marksmen, with decent cover for a few. All in all one of the best ruined building models I have encountered. Unlike many of Dave Graffam's models this building has a fully detailed interior. Five out of five stars for this model.

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Wrecked House Paper Model
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