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Art's Polyhedral Dice Super Font Bundle $19.99
Publisher: Skullduggery Press
by Nathan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/17/2010 21:41:35

A really useful set of dice fonts that allow you to put a huge variety of dice imagery into your documents or home made charactersheets, cards or games. Personally, I used it for making unique Savage Worlds character sheets and am looking for more uses - there is almost too many dice images to use here! As well as all the common polyhedrals it also has font-images for the more exotic d30, not that I have a use for that particular one! though it does not have a d100, you can easily cover this with the d10 font. I really liked the fact that I could choose between d6 with the number or the pips (my preference - it looks more "dicey"). If you are a game designer looking for an easy way to populate your documents with dice notations, or just enjoy making your own custom charactersheets etc, this is a handy resource.

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Art's Polyhedral Dice Super Font Bundle
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