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Morale Napoleon $9.95
Publisher: Rebel Minis
by Bob B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/10/2018 03:43:53

We play Napoleonic tactical games but I wanted to try a Corps level game. Most of the Corps level rules are about £40, a lot for rules that I may not like/use. Then I saw these. I read comments on TMP and the blurb on the cover and bought them. I’ve read them several times and have a solo game on the table – a simple French Corps of 2 infantry divisions and 1Cavalry division attacking a Russian corps made up the same for this test game. Haven’t finished yet but moves have been fine. Just getting to melee. My figures are based differently to those recommended but hasn’t made any difference to my solo game. The mechanics and the feel are different to my normal games and it may take several games to get used to these – it looks like it will be worthwhile. As to the rules they are well written and understandable. There are examples of everything with a few line drawings. No full colour pictures of painted figures – don’t need them. There are extensive army lists covering the major and minor armies of the period. There is one major omission – the Ottomans, and I frequently play my Turks against Napoleonic Russians. There is, however a general list of stats which should allow me to field a Turkish army. No mention of the US war of 1812 – I don’t play this and so don’t mind. Very interesting rules – I can see me (us) playing Corps games but not all the time – which was one of the reasons I was loath to invest £40 upwards in a set of rules. As well as one-of games there is a campaign system. Reinforcements are catered for, solo option and lots more. Good value for money and well worth trying for something different. Recommended won't give it 5 stars until I have played a few games but will give 4 and think it will be worth the extra star in future

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Morale Napoleon
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