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Renegade Scout - Bleeding Edge Retro Gaming $19.99
Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
by Schyler H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/17/2018 22:19:57

Disclaimer: I backed the crowdfunding campaign and have been in contact with the author since earlier drafts of the rules.

These rules achieve exactly what they set out to do. It's a game that is compatible with original Rogue Trader content, but is still an almost completely new game. It's not just the original mechanics that have been streamlined or tweaked a bit, it's more like comparing the 1987 model and 2018 model of a car. The stat lines are basically the same (most of the names of the stats have just been changed a bit), so original RT units stats can easily be converted over. Even though it keeps the same stat line, the rules have been written such that it is much quicker and easier to use (despite being the infamous super long GW stat line). Almost every die roll has been made a simple 1d6 or 2d6 roll-under, so you no longer have to look at any charts or tables. Activation and turn order in Renegade Scout is a very nice mix between the classic GW IGOUGO turn order (with the movement phase, shooting phase, etc.) and a more modern alternating activation.

Like all NWG products Renegade Scout comes with some excellent random tables for gear, scenarios, etc. At this point my favorite thing about the rules so far is the "Wyrd Powers" list. It's just ridiculously awesome. Also, in the tradition of classic wargame rules there is a Painting and Modeling section included, which is pretty nice. As someone who learned how to paint their fist miniatures as a young teen be reading those few pages at the back of the book, it brings back good memories of first starting out in the hobby.

Renegade Scout can obviously be used with old RT/40k models, but it comes package with the "Unified Space" setting used in other Nordic Weasel titles (notably UFA). "Unified Space" is an sci-fi universe that draws from existing tropes, and is generic enough to be able to fit any model you have into, but is also pretty interesting and fun all on its own.

The layout/design of the book is a new high standard for Nordic Weasel Games in my opinion. It's simple but nice, and definitely rather printer friendly. If you are interested retro-inspired miniature gaming, but still want well designed modern game mechanics, Renegade Scout is definitely worth the 20 bucks.

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Renegade Scout - Bleeding Edge Retro Gaming
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