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Publisher: Ganesha Games
by James M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/11/2018 10:23:04

This game mashes up the standard Ganesha Games mechanics with a movement system riffing on Wings or War/Star Wars X-Wing. They pair up nicely and it looks pretty cool. But there are a number of weird inconsistencies, especially when trying to build you own ships. Weapons are pre-built, which I don’t mind, there is a fair amount of variety there. The weapon tags are described early in the book, and the available weapons are build on there later in the book. But while there is a Turret weapon quality, there is no weapon that actually possesses that quality, meaning that no ship you build can fire except from of its front arc. Then there there is stuff like the ‘Heavily-Armed’ ship quality. Over in the ship qualities section, it says that this costs 8 points to add to a ship. But over in weapons and missiles you can also buy a pod that’s only effect is to add that quality to a ship. That pod costs 12 points (10 for the pod, 2 for the hard point to mount it on). Why are there two prices for the same thing?

Despite a neat mash-up of mechanics and an interesting structured campaign, there are lots of oddities, ambiguities, and omissions in the book which made it a disappointing purchase for me.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your review.

I am sorry you did not like it. However, We will soon issue an amended PDF that will hopefully fix the inconsistencies.

Osprey and Hydras ships (and any ship you want to build with that trait) have turrets.
Also note that we tried to have more special abilities than are currently used in our background and in the sample forces provided, because they were asked for by playtesters wanting to design ships from other universes.

All pods and missiles are 10 pts. it is cheaper to add an ability as a dedicated part of the ship. Pods allow you to customise and give abilities to adjust your ship ability to suit a particular opponent. You pay for that flexibility vs having it fixed.
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Star Eagles
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