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Mayhem $9.99
Publisher: Brent Spivey Creations
by Jan Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/26/2018 15:48:44

An excellent tabletop wargame.

Gameflow is superb. The interaction of rules components is very satisfying. The system has an awesome dice mechanic used for almost every aspect of the game, is easy to learn, has huge customization potential, flows incredibly smoothly, models command and control well and gives the player the feeling of really commanding a huge army across an entire battlefield. In less time it takes to play a game of Warhammer, you command what feels like three times as big an army over an entire landscape. I liked it quite a bit.

Mayhem does two things extremely well:

  1. It gives you complete flexibility and creativity in what units you want to field: Creating your army is as much fun as playing the actual game.

  2. And it gives you freedom in what you want your units to do on the table. It doesn't even have separate phases for moving, shooting etc. You can go back to units you already ordered and activate them again, for example, even after activating other units in the meantime. Gives you an very satisfying feeling of being unhindered and unrestricted.

These two things Mayhem does better than any other tabletop wargame I ever played.

Heartily recommended!

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