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Dreadnoughts At Dawn $5.99
Publisher: Dawn Gaming
by Michael R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/08/2018 12:27:04

Good set of rules. Isnt as accurate as some, but in the same vein is a lot more simple. There are currently only British and German WW1 ships, but adding in your own if you are willing to do the research and play-testing to check the balance is pretty trivial and easy to do. The idea of the dice on the table is to limit the off-table record keeping, but that is still an option that is easily done. All in, a good set of rules, simple, fun and easy to play. Was described by my opponent (his first naval game) as the naval equivalent to bolt-action.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for your review Michael, The "other Powers" expansion now available does add French, American, Japanese, Austrian, Russian and Italian fleets for those with a more diverse taste.
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Dreadnoughts At Dawn
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