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Round of Fire - Core Rules $12.49 $9.99
Publisher: The Lazy Games
by Tim P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/18/2017 07:33:10

Full disclosure, I was involved in playtesting this game and received my copy for free because of it.

Round of Fire isn't a game that sets out the re-invent the wheel and becomes another dime a dozen skirmish game. Instead, it invented a new wheel, the eponymous "round of fire" which completely breaks up the classical turn structure we have all grown used to. Instead, the speed of a unit's action, as well as suppression by enemies will determine what unit acts when. This adds an element to the game hardly ever seen in others, tense timing! It is maybe the closest to "real-time gaming" you can get with a miniatures wargame, and makes the fight one of the most dynamic you will ever play.

The combat overall combat mechanics are nothing new under the sun, requiring a roll from the attacker and the defender. It's quick and unobtrusive. Where things get interesting is the "shock" value of weapons which acts as a suppression and pinning mechanism, delaying a unit's action on the wheel. The time (or distance?) between 2 units on the wheel will determine if a unit is capable of returning fire instantly.

My greatest critique would probably that the point system is in depth to a fault, it reminds me a bit of older days of Warhammer, where some equipment change might cost a single point. Still, some others might find value in this and spend hours tweaking their lists. Definitely, the game has an interesting army building mechanic. there are relatively few units, available to all, but each faction will influence how much units and particular upgrades cost, or even prevent the purchase of specific ones.

A surprising plus is the overall quality and presentation of the book. The layout and graphic design are better than many "professional" games out there! full of well drawn and clear diagrams as well as evocative pictures of miniatures "in action" Even though the game is meant to be setting neutral is has more character than many setting specific books.

All in all, RoF is the first game where I didn't feel like it was my turn to activate my army or even just a unit. Instead always felt like it was "now" and a unit needed to decide what their best course of action would be then and there.

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Creator Reply:
What to say, that's the best overview that anyone could write in less than 400 words!
Round of Fire - Core Rules
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