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Altar of Freedom $15.00
Publisher: Greg Wagman
by Brenton S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/09/2017 05:28:49

Altar of Freedom is a American Civil War tabletop wargames rules set. The author has pitched his rules at the Grand Tactical level and has focussed the rule mechanisms accordingly. The mechanisms are deceptively simple but work to provide a very satisfying result. The game focusses on command decisions of the Army commander so a lot of the detail is abstracted. They are designed for small scale figures on large bases, but I am using 15mm with minimal adjustments. Units are brigades and battalions of artillery. Units do not lose figures as casualties but do accumulate Fatigue Markers which can be rallied off when the Division is pulled back out of the action and regrouped. The most innovative aspect is the Priority Points system which involves commanders allocating a limited number of points per turn to Divisions - the more they have the earlier in the turn they will move. But as there is also a variable aspect to the turn length commanders cannot guarantee that all their Divisions will move. These rules actually do enable large battles such as Antietam or Gettysburg to be played within the time and space consttaints of the average gamer. Well worth the investment and there are some well researched supporting material available too.

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Altar of Freedom
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