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The Rad-Hack $6.66
Publisher: Karl Stjernberg
by Gábor C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/23/2017 05:05:29

So you watched A Boy and His Dog, Stalker, all of Mad Max, and some other movies like these, then played some Borderlands, Stalker, and Fallout, and so on, and now want the same in your tabletop gaming? Right now? Without having to read and memorize hundreds of pages? Look no further!

The Rad-Hack is a superb little game for all your post-apocalyptic roleplaying needs. Minimalist, versatile ruleset. Simple and great mechanics that you can learn and teach your players in about an hour. And lots of freedom for the GM. (Well, the latter can be a bit surprising to those coming from slightly more complex systems, but you'll likely get the feel of it, and will love it. I did.)

The crazy art is excellent. Not realistic at all, but it is inspiring, and sets the mood.

PS: Yes, if you ask me, it's totally worth its price, even if it's a bit higher than the other Hacks.

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The Rad-Hack
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