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C'est la Guerre - Fast Play Wargame for the Age of Muskets $9.99 $6.99
Publisher: Bozbat Games
by Steven P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/01/2017 11:29:58

C'est la Guerre is an excellent rules set that provides enough flavor of the Horse and Musket period for a good game, without bogging one down in the details that can make a game tedious. Anyone familiar with DBA or its derivatives will be able to get into things quickly. Play is fast....My first opposed game, with a former DBA player, took about ninety minutes, playing twelve complete turns, while bringing him up tto speed.

Armies vary in size, based on quality and type of troops. My Seven Years War Prussians fielded fourteen units. The opposing Russian list had twenty. Most will fall somewhere in between. We played on a 4x3 foot table, using 25mm figures.

After setting terrain, and determine which edge each player sets up from, both players roll to see who will go first. This is followed by rolling a d6 to see how many initiative points you work with. Various action cost you points...moving a unit, rallying a unit, etc. you can maximize you efforts by moving in lines or columns, or using a 'command group' based around your command unit. Distance from 'command' means that an action costs more.

After movement, both sides enage in fire, followed by melee. combat involves opposed dice rolls, modified by factors based on unit type and quality Results range from 'no result' to 'push back', flee or destroyed'. casualties may occur, which will induce negative modifiers to the unit involved.

Musketry range is very short, which is good and proper. Close in, trade volleys, and have at it with the bayonet. The real challenge is moving into postion to do some damage with the enemy trying to break your formations with artillery and skirmishing cavalry.

Lists are provided for the major wars of the 18th Century, including the the Great Northern War, the Wars of Marlborough,the Jacobite Rebellion, the Seven Years War, the French and Indian War, and the American Revolution, and there is a Napoleonic List as well. By using the 'rifle ranges' included, I see no reason thse rules could not be pushed to handle the Crimean War and US Civil War as well.

I have found these rules to provide an enjoyable game, either solitaire, or face-to-face , and hope their will be an expansion for campaigns, which could be played over a course of several get togethers. Some lists for the French and English in India would also be most welcome.

A fine value,every club should have a copy.

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C'est la Guerre - Fast Play Wargame for the Age of Muskets
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