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Battle Fortress: Build and Destory $15.15 $6.74
Publisher: War of Life Gaming
by Ronald B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/20/2017 04:13:18

You really needto know what you are investing in with this game. This is a gateway game that is perfect for hooking young players. It may not be satisifying for more veteran gamers who want a more challenging fare. As a slightly experienced wargamer I was disappointed with the combat mechanics. The game uses a shot-range mechanic that is brutally simple. Imagine you have two infantry that are within range offive infantry bad guys. Infantry have one shot each. Your two shoot and two enemy infantry are removed. Infantry incover can only be killed by template weapons. Onlycertain units have template attacks. Itcreates a rock-paper-scissors system . Any unit can damage any other unit. This means infantry can hurt tanks. They will not make a huge dent and the tank will wipe them out with return fire. I find it odd. It hit me after thinking about it for a while. The mechanic reflects "I shot you, Lay down" system kids use when playing war! The game has a RtS feel too Your factories have so many points to make new units. This is secret. Knowing what to make is key to winning.   Firing first really makes adifference. What is odd is that it does not feel like a wargame. As another reviewersaid it is like a tabletop version of command and conquer. Just Fire up "Mechanical Man" and play!  Battle Fortress definitely breaks themold as awargaming model. Strategy isdifferent from other wargames. Numbers and having the right counter will decide the day. There are no super units. Though I would put ahero in every infantry unit and place artillery next to every factory. A wise opponent would make afew heavy tanks and punish that strategy. This can be played in any scale. I would suggest 1/72 scale plastics as they have a high model count low price ratio. They are also big enough for little hands to grab but still allow decent manuver room on the table. My only criticism is that artillery unit's attack is not listed on it's description in the rules. I found in on the tactical awareness sheet in the back of the rules. Artillery uses a 5"template. The other issue i have is that Japanese jungle fighters are invincible if they are in cover. That could create some issues.
I liked the special rules for the sci fi nations and the ww2 nations. With how simple the game is you could create your own units and rules. It is a sandbox of potential. b This is a great game for beginners and kids. It is not rules heavy although there is light bookkeeping involved. This game could be a success at a convention! I would definitely play this with my kids ...but i would pull out another game with like minded adults.

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Battle Fortress: Build and Destory
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