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Victory Decision: Raid! $16.99 $12.74
Publisher: A.D.Publishing
by Tony B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/11/2017 07:18:29

As someone new to the hobby, I've been looking for a ruleset that is more of a lets break out some minis and play game and focused on squads for a while now.

I'm also trying to keep things simple for myself. I dont want a lot of figures on the table to start. I want to have army lists in the ruleset Im using and I want some scenarios as well.

When I read the preview and the description for Victory Decision: Raid thought I would take a chance and see if it truley was what i was looking for.

After my preliminary read I was very happy with what I found within the ruleset. I was also taken aback by how many pages of army lists there are! There are tons!

I really think this is the perfect ruleset for where I am within the hobby. Once I get this game downpat and get more minis tabled, Ill be looking at the larger platoon level game Victory Decision.

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Victory Decision: Raid!
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