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Future Armada: Invictus $8.50
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by Nick M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/24/2007 04:19:20

An excellent PDF as I've come to expect from this series. The modular design of the deckplans adds flexibility especially when combined with the Argos III station.

The design of the product is very good. The quality of each individual tile is very high and the layout of the ship is interesting.

As a bonus as well as the Invictus you get a small shuttle and a single-seater fighter as well.

The write up on the ship uses D20 rules (which I don't use). Not a problem in itself since I can extrapolate from them. The various areas of Invictus get decent explanation as well and there are a couple of interesting NPCs

Negatives are generally few, its perhaps a little too big to feature fully in my current campaign - my PCs are never going to fly anything this big and as an enemy its going to blast them to atoms :-) at present anyway. Its more likely I'll be using the tiles to create other locations.

There is no 'oversize map', which is a shame, but perfectly understandable given the size of Invictus

I'd like to see a few more ships around the size of the Exceter / Jo Lynn and Drake. Vessels that the PCs may actually get to own and pilot themselves maybe, or ones that can serve as protagonists without being overpowered.

I'm looking forward to more releases in the series - hopefully soon

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Future Armada: Invictus
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