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Flying Machines of the Worlds 1902
$40.00 $10.00
Publisher: Terry Sofian
by John D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/02/2016 19:23:10

This my good fellow is a veritable steal for such a low price. Just the smashing pictures alone are worth far more, but all the tactical ship information, secret background information, storyline etc makes for a rippin good book at a cracking low price. I am almost ashamed to encourage more people to expose the pauperism of the publisher who is throwing away these jewels at such a low price. Egads man, don't sell your house.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you so much for the wonderful review. It is only because we are funded by the Royal Society of Mars and the International City of Venus that we can bring such materials forward at such reasonable prices!
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Flying Machines of the Worlds 1902
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