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Neuschwabenland $10.00
Publisher: Tiny Battle Publishing
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/16/2016 10:43:11

Neuschwabenland has a wonderfully novel story line and an excellent rule book. It is a 2 player that plays well solo because the Alien and German sides have quite different mechanics and goals. Other soloed 2 player hex games tend to have two different colored sides that play pretty much the same - one has to stop when switching sides and emotionally try to re-identify with the different color, which can be de-motivating or even boring. In Neuschwabenland, however, it is easy to identify with both asymmetrical sides and one is actually eager to play both antagonists: the Germans as they try to "get the job done" and with the Aliens as they mindlessly thunder across the landscape. Each side has radically different mechanics and motivations that create the asymmetrical play and heighten the interest in an unpredictable outcome. Asymmetrical die rolling increases the tension. Although the rule book is very clearly illustrated, the game can be made much easier to play by creating a spread-sheet of its main actions: Movement, Firing, Close Combat, and Overrun/Trample Down. This eliminates errors when changing game mechanics from the German to the Aliens. The best of the larger, more expensive games deserve their 5 or 8.5+/10 status because they provide huge experiences. This one deserves its 8.5/10 rating for its novel theme, its solid 2-play AND solo "pick up and play" appeal, and its clever mechanics. Its game length feels "just right" for most evenings. I bought the PnP instead of purchasing a copy from Tiny Battle Publishing simply to enlarge the playing area. Because the game provides so many possibilities with its theme and solo-friendly asymmetric play, it would be great to see expansions and/or a run on Kickstarter.

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