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A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Book One, Revision Two, Deluxe Edition $29.95
Publisher: Amarillo Design Bureau
by Byron S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/05/2016 02:44:08

The book is very thorough in it's explanation of the rules. There's a lot of attention paid to detail.

However, the rules themselves are not what I wanted from the Call to Arms series. This edition makes the rules a lot closer to Star Fleet Battles or Federation Commander in terms of complexity, detail, and resolution time. What I like about the Call to Arms series of games is that they are faster and can therefore support larger engagements. What I was hoping for was Amarillo Design Bureau to go into the rules set up initially by Mongoose and to tighten them up with balance tweaks, examples and rule clarifications.

The rules that I got I didn't recognize as being from the same system. If you are like me and wanted an airtight update to the Call to Arms ruleset for Star Trek that maintained the low complexity and rapid tempo of the previous games in the series, this book is not that. If you are looking for a detailed space ship wargame that can support larger fleets than Starfleet Battles or Battlefleet Gothic, then this should be a good set for you.

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A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Book One, Revision Two, Deluxe Edition
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