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Kev's Lounge Paper Minis: A Night At The Tavern (Deluxe Edition) $2.99
Publisher: Kev's Lounge
by Anne T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/31/2015 10:02:25

Kev knocks another one out of the park with this set! Or rather pair of sets, for he's created two "editions" of the same six excellently-rendered bar staff for our gaming tables: a male barkeep, bouncer, and 4 female waitstaff. In the Basic Edition, the paper minis come in one pre-defined colourway apiece - which is usually enough for any game with only one regular bar/tavern/inn, and/or less-than-observant players. If, however, your players pay close attention to the minis, or their PCs frequent more than one watering hole, I heartily suggest you spring a couple bucks more for this Deluxe Edition, where--depending on the character--you can choose between 3-5 skin colours (a nice racial diversity), 0-5 hair colours, and multiple colours for multiple items of clothing. The colour combinations probably number in the millions, and should cover your NPC waitstaff needs for fantasy/medieval gaming for the rest of you and your players' lives, without running into a duplicate once. I doubt anyone would quibble about their each only having one pose ;) The quality of the artwork is very high, and the resolution such that you could blow up the minis to 4" high or more without distortion. Each miniature has a single frontal image about 2-1/2 times larger beside it; it's used to toggle and preview the colour options in this Deluxe Edition in a very user-friendly way. The minis themselves have removable paper craft bases, also included in the set. There is a stone-floor and a wooden-floor base set in each; for more you can go to Kevin's web page - papercraftdungeon - to get more options. I've purchased just about everything that Kev's Lounge has published, even pre-ordering and testing his meadow tile set as he improved and elaborated on it. He makes some of the very best paper miniatures out there, and they really look terrific on the tabletop! Certainly better than most paint jobs I've seen ;)

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Kev's Lounge Paper Minis: A Night At The Tavern (Deluxe Edition)
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