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by alessandro b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/21/2015 08:12:00

The Epicwargames Fortress in only one word: BIG!

The kit is designed to be used for 15-25 mm scale battles, without any rescale. Used at 25 mm scale, the fortress can by a worthy competitor/substitute of the warhammer Fortress, only to name one. At 15 mm, it's HUGE! Door, windows and decorations like shields and flags comes in two scales, 15-18 mm and 25 mm, so you can build one fortress and use in both scale only changing these particulars; doors uses a smart "slide between" mode to be placed without glue. The kit is fully modular (towers, gate, walls , angles, connectors), with plenty of internal support, brace and weighting to add sturdiness. There are three battlements styles and two buttress styles allowing customization. The stone texture is higly believable, the resolution is "absurdly" high and this means that it's look really rock-solid. The main feature of the kit is the gate, with working doors and bridge, a MUST! The assembly process vary from easy to rather difficult (the gate); the instructions are quite clear but you need a little thinking before start building.

The only downside I've found is, ironically, in the high resolution : 1) printing is not straight process as you need to work a little with printer settings (scale adjusting and so on); 2) instructions comes in the same high resolution and there are some compression/resolution issues (scarcely readable fonts) when you want to read on a PC monitor as I usually do save paper and ink, so is better print out everything.

Anyway, a great kit, full of possibility at an unbeatable quality/price rating.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for your review and feedback, I will make the instruction fonts bigger next time :)
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