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ERG001: Portrait Package - Full rights $7.99
Publisher: Eastern Raider Games
by Joe W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/22/2015 08:15:58

The preview wasn't working, so I took a chance with this. Since this has 36 images I can likely use a few. 14 or 15 are over about 1000x1000 pixels. But then some have the character/creature to the edges of the piece. (Not good for cropping/bleed/etc.) A couple of the larger ones (space marine, gunchick, bot, golden knight, golden warrior) are pretty crude.

Full list (* is usable, is very usable): assassin, assassin2, bald mage, blacksmith, bot, daemon, druid, elf, esquire, fire mage, golden knight, golden warrior, gunchick, high priest, hunter, legionaire, lizzard, mistress, necromancer_bald, necromancer_hairy, orc5*(crop issue), oriental_mage(but kinda small), phalanx(but kinda small), pistol, rogue knight, samurai, savage_orc, shaman, skeleton, skull_daemon, sorceress, space_marine, warrior_girl, vampyress*, zombie_hand, zombie.

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ERG001: Portrait Package - Full rights
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