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SpecOps: A Gruntz Module $3.99
Publisher: ClearHorizon Miniatures
by james f. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/08/2015 02:24:35

Spec Ops I have been following this product since ClearHorizon first mooted it and told us about it in the 15mm facebook group , cool , specops , SAS , Delta , The 19th Zulu nation Wildfire Hornets , great , I can model them too...

Now using Gruntz ubquity , I didnt think you could modify the system more , but Harold has done so wonderfully , an intelligent blend of movie special ops tropes , some interesting changes to unit generation , Im not sure I would use his points limits , but thats just me as I play BIG games of Gruntz , but I am eager to intergrate a smaller spec ops unit into a big game.

I do wish games designers allow for dirty tricks , landmines in certain places , and this allows you to at least get an idea of how to model them , it uses drones and equipment , not previously seen in Gruntz , and I hope Robin Fitton isnt to annoyed he didnt think of them first.

The use of blips is amazingly easy to use , I played a few small hands using blips , and the card activation system that comes with the game , Harold does change this but , I preferred the original , with my own twist , but that is for a different review. It really did up the ante , what are those blips.....aliens , gunmen or just bunnies , you never know.

My only concern is the layout , it was a bit dark for me and I had to read it a few times to get the words , but thats more my poor eyes , than the authors fault.

In all , a good first product for a game we know works well , now ClearHorizon , when do we get parachuting in from your stealth craft (of which I have also ordered , and get into my grubby mitts soon)!

many thanks

James Flowers

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SpecOps: A Gruntz Module
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