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The Mutant Epoch
Publisher: Outland Arts
by Christopher T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/11/2014 13:42:33

As a game collector with fascination for the post-apocalyptic genre, I've got a ton of rpgs in my library, from classics like Gamma World and Aftermath to the more obscure titles such as Waste World. I've read and enjoyed them all, but I don't think I've ever encountered or played one as enjoyable as The Mutant Epoch. For me, this truly is the best post-apocalyptic game on the market. The old school approach to the game mechanics appeal to my sensibilities, and the rules are flexible enough to survive any tweaks I need to make for own campaign requirements. And as for the content of this single book, I can only say I'm truly impressed. There's plenty of skills, a vast arsenal of weapons and armor ranging from the primitive and improvised to the highest of tech, and a broad enough array of monsters, robots and hazards to keep any group of players on their toes. With the tools this book provides, you'll easily have enough material to create and run any number of campaigns. Give this game a look. You won't be disappointed.

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The Mutant Epoch
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