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The Forgotten Realms Atlas (2e)
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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Jeff G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/22/2014 06:26:56

This was once one of my most treasured gaming books. It had a wealth of information and it was easy to 'follow along' with many of the novels released about the wild frontier of D&D that was Forgotten Realms. I had already read the bulk of those novels when I got this tome, and it was easy to go back and see where the events of note happened.

The scan is really clean, almost looks like it was from an original digital source though the era this book is from makes that unlikely.

If the fact that I've rated this poorly for a title that shows so much nostalgia for me is confusing, there is a serious issue with this product that significantly aggravates me.

Because of the way "Two Page" mode works with PDF readers, the publisher and/or producers of this product needed to add an extra page to offset the cover scan. They failed to do this. Thus on every map that was meant to be spread across the spine of the book, are seperated from their proper page siblings. This sounds like a quibble to some, but for those of us with widescreen displays that could easily view two pages at 100% or higher zoom, its really annoying.

The preview only shows the title and first six pages which are all front-matter and one-half of a map. It makes it impossible to see pre-purchase that the maps meant to be facing one another are split apart.

Perhaps the worst part of this mess is that if they had put in a single blank page between the front cover and the beginning of the front-matter, this would not have happened.

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The Forgotten Realms Atlas (2e)
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