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Tusk $3.89
Publisher: Wessex Games
by Ronald B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/22/2014 00:42:14

Tusk is a great game to introduce people to wargaming. The rules can be learned in five minutes. It offers a solo play for frumpy, solitaire gamers. I believe the game really shines when several people are playing. You can send a panicked mammoth smashing into a opposing players tribe on purpose. There is some luck involved but it would be a great time that is heavy on the fun and light on the rules.

I recommend Tusk to anyone who enjoys wargames that focus more on player interaction and less on memorizing rules for charge reactions. There are plenty of cheap plastic dinosaurs and elephant toys to use as critters. The game plays better if you put "100 million years B.C." or "Quest for fire" on in the background. If you enjoy hunting all day and going "Onga Bonga" with the cave females at night then Tusk is the game for you.

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