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Victory Decision: Future Combat $16.99 $12.74
Publisher: A.D.Publishing
by Ash B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/11/2014 20:28:12

If you have a large pile of Sci Fi miniatures you always wanted to paint, or painted an army and the system collapsed or company went out of business, these rules will breath new life into your collection.

What Agis has written is a very comprehesive set of near-future to far-future Sci-Fi rules that should be able to fit nearly any collection of models. Vehicles and Infantry run the gamut and you should be able to tweak a unit entry within the rules to fit anything you should like to put on the table.

This ruleset focuses more on the ebb and flow of combat, allowing for a chess-game of activations between the players rather than simple I-go-U-go back and forth. Players will nominate a unit they want to activate and test their commanders to see who will get the initiative. The commander who fails the test places their unit back in the unactivated pool to attempt to activate later.

As the commander you have resources to spend effecting this roll. Command Points represent of finit pool of buffs and tricks you can use to augment units, seize the initiative and outwit your opponent.

This focus on what units are doing, rather than how awesome they are individually, makes all Victory Decision games feel engaging. There's never a long wait for your turn and the game can feel like a dance between armies rather than two gunlines pounding away on each other. This can seem strange to players not used to this format, so when teaching the game bear this in mind!

The game scales well. Between 1000 and 2000pt games will allow you an hour or so to an afternoon of battles.

The game focuses currently on Humanoid combat. If you are looking for bestial or mixed unit (monsters and humanoids) armies, a supplement will be released covering these. types of armies.

As a final thing, the designer is super approachable! Head over to the Lead Adventure Forum (home of the Victory Decision Games) and ask him whatever you want!

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Victory Decision: Future Combat
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