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D12 Calendar with bonuses 2014 by Kev's Lounge $0.00
Publisher: Kev's Lounge
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/04/2014 10:54:24

A rather fun (and free!) sample of Kev's Lounge work... and practical to boot!

The main feature is a D12 calendar - you read aright, a calendar printed on the faces of a giant D12. A nice novelty item for your desk, with the added advantage that if it gets tatty, doused in coffee or pinched by a co-worker you can always print out another one. You can choose any one of the elements (earth, air, fire and water) or a greenish version the artist has named Life.

But there's more. A rather buxom barmaid standee, for whom you can choose both dress colour and hair colour. She brings back memories of a LARP when I was playing an NPC barmaid and borrowed a 17th century style bodice from a re-enactor friend. Boy, did the gentlemen players stare....

There is also a collection of 'markers' showing the various elements, which can either be activated (coloured) or not. You might devise a puzzle which your players can actually solve physically on behalf of their characters, or use them to denote who has elemental powers operational. Or something else... I'm sure there are other uses to which they could be put.

There are comprehensive instructions which show not only how to actually make the 'D12 calendar' but how to play with the customisation features (mainly clever uses of layers) to have everything turn out just how you want. Nifty, useful and free... what more could you want?

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D12 Calendar with bonuses 2014 by Kev's Lounge
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