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T.W.E.R.P.S. Basic Rules (2nd Edition) $5.00
Publisher: Zocchi's Games
by James B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/02/2022 23:49:26

An extremely simple RPG system, where your character has one statistic (Strength) which is used for nearly everything in an adventure - attack and defense, health, turn order, and so forth. The resulting system is elegant, and perfectly serviceable for quick pickup games, but probably won't satisfy folks who want anything even a little detailed.

Note that the actual rules only take up a little over two pages; the first and largest part of the booklet is taken up by a sample adventure, in which you learn the TWERPS rules as you go. This shows off the potential of the system, but playing this as intended could be frustrating, if a player tries to improvise anything before its example comes up in the adventure. (As such, the GM should probably read through the rules section before running the scenario, just in case.)

The scenario itself (which is full of punny names) is a riff on pulp adventure stories, to the point of some cringe-y bits with natives, although it's OK beyond that (and has some fun role-playing opportunities).

All in all, this is a interesting read, if only as an example of just how minimal an RPG you can make and still call it an RPG.

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T.W.E.R.P.S. Basic Rules (2nd Edition)
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