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Task Force Zeta Vol. 1: Ships of the Line $9.95
Publisher: Legionnaire Games
by Victor D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/27/2020 15:59:12

Having bought SL:PC an it's expansion I was tempted to buy these - mainly to scratch the itch I'd had ever since seeing them (when buying Starmada and womdering if I'd chosen the wrong horse!).

These rules are somewhat less densely formatted and slightly more clearly (and simply) written when compared to SL:PC, and I found much in the rules and system to like, so as space agmes go it's a pretty good one, although it has some tough competitors in Full Thrust and Starmada. However, again the record sheets are a bit of a let down (although superior to hand drawing your record sheets in ther games) - getting the editable ones is a great idea.

Like almost all space games (the better ones!) the game comes with a ship design system - like the rules this is quite complicated compared to some others but works well, and I liked the option for including varied tech levels. But I also felt the range of weappons wasn't quite as flexible or varied as perhaps that of Starmada (but which one is?)

Overall this is a good game.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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Task Force Zeta Vol. 1: Ships of the Line
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